'diVERGE is premised on the polyphony articulated by contemporary artists in India. Rather than zooming in to chart a convergent discourse, the exhibition pans over a diverse spectrum of subjectivities and politics, methods and materials, taking in at the peripheries the more eccentric views of visual culture in metropolitan India. While the lens of Gallery Chemould's interactions with artists has played a role in thinking about the exhibition, the conceptualising and range is wider. The artists in the show are not necessarily connected to Chemould in direct affiliation .Rather, what is being set-up is a curatorial presentation appropriate to the emergence of a diverse range of artistic possibilities in the contemporary scene that Chemould has played a part in nurturing since its formal inauguration in 1963.' - Curatorial notes by Geeta Kapur and Chaitanya Sambrani.

The present catalogue also includes a conversation with the founders of the Gallery. Artist biographies can be found in the back. With preface by Shireen Gandhy.

Please note that there is a supplement which features an essay by Geeta Kapur and a complete list of exhibits.
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One gallery; two curators; four generations - Chaitanya SAMBRANI

'His was the first sell-out show!' - Karin Zitzewitz in conversation with Kekoo and Khorshed Gandhy - Karin ZITZEWITZ

Text and Archive - Geeta KAPUR

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