From different domains of technologies and philosophy, the concept of virtuality is emerging as a major field for the rethinking of time, space, meanings and, significantly, the image. Digitalization and cyber-networking form one axis. If the virtual is being celebrated as heralding a radically new era, rich with new possibilities and futures hitherto unimagined through cybernetics, networking and digitalizaton, such claims are also being viewed with deep scepticism and countered by renewed interest in the groundedness and referentiality of the indexical. Bacause of digital virtualities in the production of images, the concept of the index becomes relevant precisely in the digital world, as relations between signs, objects, references and bodies become the focus of sometimes anguished and sometimes enthralled critical thinking.
In this transdisciplinary book, major artists, filmmakers, film theorists, philosophers, literary critics, information theorists and cultural analysts examine the twists and turns of the contesting terms of virtuality and indexicality in contemporary cultural theory in relation to history, trauma, sexuality, textuality, anxiety, simulated lives, code, digital cinema, science fiction, and contemporary art. Antony Bryant, Juli Carson, N. Katherine Hayles, Anna Johnson, Mary Kelly, Brian Massumi, Claire Pajaczkowska, Griselda Pollock, Adrian Rifkin, Martha Rosler, Alison Rowley, Trinh T. Minha, Samuel Weber, and Paul Willemen, draw on concrete practices, ranging from film, video and chatrooms to airport spaces, conceptual art and textiles, to offer critically engaged, sometimes sceptical, analyses of contemporary image worlds in the light of a continuing allegiance to grounded histories and critical practice.' - from back cover.

Includes a bibliography and an index.
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New Encounters: Arts, Cultures, Concepts

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TRINH T. Minh Ha

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Chapter headings
Series Preface - New Encounters: Arts, Cultures, Concepts - Griselda POLLOCK
Editor's Introduction - Griselda POLLOCK, Antony BRYANT
Traumas of Code - N. Katherine HAYLES
Of Mice and Mirn: Or Perhaps of Mouses and Mien? (anyway with apologies to John Steinbeck) - Antony BRYANT
A Virtual Indication - Samuel WEBER
The Future Birth of the Affective Fact: The Political Ontology of Threat - Brian MASSUMI
For a Comparative Film Studies - Paul WILLEMEN
Night Passage: The Depth of Time - Alison ROWLEY
Tension, Time and Tenderness: Indexical Traces of Touch - Claire PAJACZKOWSKA
Look, No Wires! Some Notes Around the Idea of Sign (1, 2, Nothing) - Adrian RIFKIN
Airport - Martha ROSLER
Dossier: Mary Kelly Circa 1968 On Fidelity: Art, Politics, Passion and Event - Mary KELLY
Legacies of Resistance - Juli CARSON
Mary kelly's Ballad of Kastiot Rexhepi: Virtual Trauma and Indexical Witness in the Age of Mediatic Spectacle - Griselda POLLOCK
Nomad-Words - Anna JOHNSON
Digital and Other Virtualities: Renegotiating the Image
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Digital and Other Virtualities: Renegotiating the Image

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