'Digital Libraries: Policy, Planning and Practice brings together international experience in the planning and implementation of digital and hybrid library projects. It stands as a handbook and reference for library staff and information managers. It consists of chapters contributed by leading specialists from Europe, North America, South Africa and the Middle East, who offer their insight into the decision-making processes that have shaped a variety of different digitization programmes.
Beginning with introductory overviews of the digital library context, the US Digital Library Program and the UK e-lib and hybrid library programmes, Digital Libraries then divides into two main sections on policy and planning, and implementation and practice. The first explores concerns such as financial and resource planning, digitized compared to born-digital content and related service issues, open access to scholarly research archives, policies for and against preservation and their justification, and evaluating electronic information services. 

The second section is based on case studies on major European and North American digital library projects, including the Glasgow Digital Library, UCEEL (University of Central England Electronic Library), the Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations (discussed in the context of five international projects), the Indiana University music Variations and Variations2 Project, and the beginnings of the Library of Congress digital program and its integration into core library services. The concluding chapter discusses the way forward for digital libraries in the context of experiences at Tilburg University library, and possible enabling or limiting factors in the future. 

The result of drawing together these varied and illuminating experiences is a book that offers useful information and comparisons for all digital library project staff, institutional administrators, educators and developers of learning technology. It also provides useful pointers for researchers and project staff involved in archive and museum projects, as well as introducing students to the key ingredients of successful digital libraries.' - excerpted from flapped page.

Including a bibliography and an index.
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1 Introduction - Judith ANDREWS, Derek LAW
2 United States Federal Support for Digital Library Research and its Implications for Digital Library Degvelopment - William H. MISCHO
3 eLib in Retrospect: A National Strategy for Digital Library Development in the 1990s - Stephen PINFIELD
Part 1: Policy and Planning
4 How to Pay for Digital Libraries - Mike LESK
5 Content and Services Issues for Digital Libraries - Derek LAW
6 Open Access to Peer-Reviewed Research Through Author/Institution Self-Archiving: Maximizing Research Impact by Maximizing Online Access - Stevan HARNAD
7 Issues of Policy and Practice in Digital Preservation - Susan S. LAZINGER
8 Evaluating Electronic Information Services - Pete DALTON
Part 2: Implementation and Practice
9 Building a Digital Library in 80 Days: The Glasgow Experience - Alan DAWSON
10 The Development of UCEEL: a Digital Library for the University of Central England - Chris DODD, Judith ANDREWS
11 Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations (NDLTD) - Marcos A. GONCALVES, Edward A. FOX, Ming LUO, Gail MCMILLAN, Hussein SULEMAN
12 The Variations and Variations2 Digital Music Library Projects at Indiana University - Jon W. DUNN, Mary Wallace DAVIDSON, Jan R. HOLLOWAY, Gernald BERNBOM
13 Beyond Bricks and Mortar: Building a Digital Library Program at the library of Congress - Diane Nester KRESH
Part 3: The Way Ahead
14 After the Digital Library Decade: Where are the Next Frontiers for Library Innovation? - Mel COLLIER
Digital Libraries: Policy, Planning and Practice
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Digital Libraries: Policy, Planning and Practice

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