'The book Facing Forward: Art & Theory from a Future Perspective, springing from the eponymous lecture series, counters the retrospective approach by shifting our attention towards art and theory on the horizon of the future. In particular, the book draws attention to a number of important social and artistic questions that are inextricably bound up in the hybrid "discourse of the future". What will art and art theory bring us in the years and decades to come? How can they change the ways in which we experience and think about the future? What roles do technology, globalization, urban development, science, and politics play in our cultural engagements with futurity? What does it mean (and how does it work) to look forward, to speculate, to extrapolate? Is it possible to develop visions of the future outside and beyond the tired paradigms of utopia and dystopia?' - from the introduction (p.4)
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A Change Of Direction: An Introduction to Facing Forward: Art and Theory from a Future Perspective
Future Tech
An Anthropology of Cyborgs, for Cyborgs - Amber CASE
The Use of Genetic Algorithms in Art - Manuel DELANDA
Future City
Future City - China MIEVILLE
Countryside - Rem KOOLHAAS
Future Image
Thought on the State and Future of the Image - James ELKINS
The Future of the Creative Image - Jalal TOUFIC
Future Museum
Just What Is It That Makes Today's Institutions So Different, so Appealing? - Iwona BLAZWICK
The Plurality of Art Worlds and the New Museum - Hans BELTING
Future Freedom
Freedom from Everything Freelancers and Mercenaries - Hito STEYERL
Duchamp, or Freedom: A Comedy Future History - Paul CHAN, 陳佩之
Future History
Is Future Cultural History Possible? - David SUMMERS
Live Art as 'Future History'. Performance and the Archive, a Case Study - Amelia JONES
Epilogue: Future Future
#thenewspacerace - Juha VAN 'T ZELFDE
Facing Backward: Images from the Future - Patricia PISTERS
The YBAs Are Dead. Long Live the YBAs! - Timotheus VERMEULEN
Democratizationand the Internet - Hassnae BOUAZZA
Text Me This Picture - Melissa GRONLUND
For Whom are We Working? - Matthijs DE BRUIJNE
Guide to a Better Internet - METAHAVEN
The Elegance of an Empty Room - Ding REN
On News Desks and the Need to Get Lost - Maria BARNAS
Facing Forward: Art & Theory from a Future Perspective
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Facing Forward: Art & Theory from a Future Perspective

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