The oscillation between ‘pain and happiness’ is the purlieu of He Jinwei, and while there are many types of 'purlieus', they are all unable to escape the conditions of space and time. In the purlieus of He Jinwei, it is space that is real with time becomes a doctrine. 'Pain and happiness' is the stinging pain that is brought about from the movements and changes in reality, making the two almost indistinguishable from one another. After this keenly felt pain, the feeling of contact is brilliant and radiant. Behind the surface of reality is the unresting social change.

He Jinwei is an artist from Sichuan who moved to Beijing after the year 2000. The present catalogue of his solo exhibition includes an artist's biography, essays by the artist and art critic-curator Lu Jie.
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The Purlieus of He Jinwei - LU Jie, 盧杰
Miscegenated Pain and Pleasure: Cursory Notes of a Realist Sentimentalist - HE Jinwei, 何晉渭
He Jinwei: Purlieu
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He Jinwei: Purlieu, 何晉渭:去處