'I could not recall how I got here is the triple-channel video that forms part of The Retrieval, Restoration and Predicament. Set as triptych altarpiece, it renders oblivion of memorial and counter-memorial.

One of the three videos is derived from an archival document of HSBC archives about a British intelligence agent reported that an American sailor discovered the two bronze lions and the statues in Japan. Lee turns the document into a documentary montage and synchronises with other two videos (or narratives): one is Chinese guard of the memorial and the other is seemingly spouse of the Japanese architect whom designed the memorial. The three protagonists create hazy interactions, they are neither dialogues nor monologues.

In this work, the artist conducts vigorous archival and historical research and turns rationalities – scientific notions of time, date, facts, and people involved – of archival materials into oblivion and ambiguity.

Memory, forgotten, and histories are thus intertwined in the constant transitions of human existence.' -from the publisher's website


This box set comprises 7 booklets:

-The Royal Hong Kong Regiment (The Volunteers) soldier / 皇家香港軍團(義勇軍)士兵

-Feng Shui ritual object in the granite base of the lion statue/ 獅子麻石底座下 風水法器

-Imperial Japanese Army mason /日本帝國陸軍 石匠

-A young Japanese wife, who visits her husband in Hong Kong / 到香港探望丈夫的 年輕日本妻子

-The British intelligence agent / 英籍情報人員

-The Chinese grave keeper/ 華籍守墓人

-The Narrators / 辯士, which include essays by Lee Kai-chung, Vivian Ting and Vennes Cheng


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I Could Not Recall How I Got Here: Lee Kai-chung
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I Could Not Recall How I Got Here: Lee Kai-chung, 無法憶起 怎樣到達這裡—李繼忠