'Artistic practices are manifold and highly diverse. In recent years, a claim towards research has become meaningful to many practitioners of art. Intellectual Birdhouse gives room to a number of actors to unfold their attitudes towards this claim. In this book, "artistic research" is assumed as being independent of "discipline", with the potential to occur in all contexts once epistemological expectations have shifted. This approach foregrounds questions concerning the type of models, terms and concepts that elucidate the processes and outcomes of epistemic-artistic practices while recalling theoretical debates steeped in tradition. Artistic research often involves productive and reflective work on and with material, and is frequently paired with testing of forms of representation other than texts that engage in open negotiations with knowledge. For this reason, artistic research may take an unexpected or even controversial course.

As a consequence, most of the chapters discuss how borders need to be negotiated as part of the research process. This includes questions bearing on art and science, art and politics, art and history as well as art and philosophy. Many of the authors see themselves as artists, but one of the chief claims of this book is that a position is possible beyond the "theory" and "practice" labels. The chapters address this position and the difficulties negotiating it in the context of existing discourses and intellectual frameworks.' - from back cover

Includes biographies of contributors.
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Spying on Sparrows - Jan SVENUNGSSON

Being Concerned? Scattered Thoughts on 'Artistic Research' and 'Social Responsibility' - Tom HOLERT

Context-Responsive Investigations - Henk SLAGER

Aesthetic of Resistance? - Hito STEYERL

Ahamkara: Particules Élémentaires of First-Person Consciousness - Sarat MAHARAJ, Francisco VARELA

Experimental Systems: Difference, Graphematicity, Conjuncture - Hans-Jörg RHEINBERGER

Precarious Evidence: Notes on Art and Biology in the Age of Digital Experimentation - Hannes RICKLI

Boundary Work: Interview of Henk Borgdorff by Michael Schwab

Through the Looking Glass: Art and Science at the Time of the Avant-Garde: The Example of Wassily Kandinsky's Working Method in his Synthetic Art - Sabine FLACH

Allegory, Architecture and 'Figural Theory' - Penelope HARALAMBIDOU

Psycho - Active - Acoustic Experiences - Florian HECKER, Sónia MATOS

The Language of the Birds - Raqs Media Collective

Logic of Blindness - Marcus STEINWEG

The Sublime and Beauty Beyond Uncanny Anxiety - Bracha L. ETTINGER

Fine Art and Research - Jonathan MILES

Between a Rock and a Hard Place - Michael SCHWAB

Parrot Language: An Original Improvement - Paul CARTER

On the Research Paradigm in Contemporary Art Discourse: A Dialogue - Gina BADGER, Alise UPITIS

Paradoxes Experienced by Artist-Thinkers - Rene GREEN

Intellectual Birdhouse: Artistic Practice as Research
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Intellectual Birdhouse: Artistic Practice as Research