In studying the exhibition 'It's Me!', Wu Hung writes, '...whereas artists of the 1980s "willingly assumed the burden of regional history", artists of the 1990s "have instead been trying to join the globalization process." This shift has brought about a crisis in artists; self-identity and has led to their subsequent efforts to explore and reaffirm the self in their works. In this sense, the kind of "self-referential art" typified in the exhibition It's Me! reflects "a conscious effort made by artists to ease this pressure [of globalization] by developing a new, transnational subjectivity." (Exhibiting Experimental Art, pp.103-115) This small catalogue for the exhibition features works of all participating artists.

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It's Me! A Profile of Chinese Contemporary Art in the 90s
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It's Me! A Profile of Chinese Contemporary Art in the 90s, 是我!九十年代藝術發展的一個側面

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