'Little Movements - Self Practice in Contemporary Art,' is one of the major art research projects of the 2011 OCAT Program for Emerging Art Practitioners. Comprised of discussions, practices of individual artists and art groups, curatorial practices, and organisational practices, this multifarious project that began in 2010 touches on such issues as art history, art education, publishing, and knowledge creation, to name but a few.

Curated by Ding Liu and Carol Yinghua Lu, 'Little Movements - Self Practice in Contemporary Art' exhibition was presented at OCT Contemporary Art Terminal of the He Xiangning Art Museum, September to November 2011. Accompanying the exhibition, this catalogue includes documentation of discussions, as well as archival texts and photographs of multiple artistic practices. A series of selected theoretical and critical essays are included to offer theoretical context of each artistic practice under four themes - I. The Anxiety of Self Definition; II. Individual Systems; III. Away from the Crowds, Unexpected Encounters; and IV. What Is Knowledge. With brief biographies of contributors.

This is a revised version of the original volume and includes a supplementary booklet with English version of texts in the 'Introduction' section and descriptions of each art practice.

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Introduction/ 導言

How We Have Engaged in 'Little Movements'/ 我們是怎樣開展’小運動’的 - LIU Ding, 劉鼎, Carol Yinghua LU, 盧迎華

What 'Little Movements' Is Not/ ’小運動’不是什麼 - LIU Ding, 劉鼎, Carol Yinghua LU, 盧迎華

'Little Movements': Self-practice in Contemporary Art/ ’小運動’:當代藝術中的自我實踐 - LIU Ding, 劉鼎, Carol Yinghua LU, 盧迎華

Constant Rethinking towards the Faces of 'Others'/ 不斷朝向’他者’面孔的反思 - SU Wei, 蘇偉

Some Thoughts on 'Little Movements.' Q&A between Liu Ding, Carol Yinghua Lu, Su Wei and Shen Boliang/ ’小運動’的一些思考-劉鼎、盧迎華、蘇偉答申舶良

Chapter 1: The Anxiety of Self-definition/ 第一章 自我定義的焦慮

The Anxiety of Self-definition/ 自我定義的焦慮 - LIU Ding, 劉鼎, Carol Yinghua LU, 盧迎華

Art without Boundary and History. A Summary of Global Art and the Museum / 沒有邊界也沒有歷史的藝術-’全球藝術與美術館’簡述 - Carol Yinghua LU, 盧迎華

Contemporary Art as Global Art: A Critical Estimate/ 作為全球藝術的當代藝術:一次批判性的評估 - Hans BELTING

A Literary Utopia. A Summary of They/ 文學烏托邦-他們簡述 - Carol Yinghua LU, 盧迎華

About They/ 關於他們 - Xiao Hai, 小海

A Greenhouse for Creativity and Contemplation. A Summary of Concept Store/ 創作和思考的溫室-概念商店簡述 - Carol Yinghua LU, 盧迎華

Predictive Text: Representations of 'the Future' as a Political Economy/ 預言的文本:以政治經濟的方式再現’未來’ - Nav HAQ

Contemporary as Points of Connection/ 作為不同連接點的當代性 - Zdenka BADOVINAC

What Art Is and Where It Belongs/ 藝術是什麼,又屬於哪裡 - Paul CHAN, 陳佩之

Chapter II: Individual Systems/ 第二章 個體體系

Individual Systems/ 個體體系 - LIU Ding, 劉鼎, Carol Yinghua LU, 盧迎華

A Name Betrayed. A Summary of Borges Libreria Institute of Art/ 被背叛的名字-博爾赫斯書店藝術機構簡述 - FANG Lihua, 方立華

Lu Yi's Speech at the Bund in Shanghai on Behalf of the Institute (Speaker: Lu Yi)/ 魯毅代表機構在上海外灘的發言(發言人:魯毅) - CHEN Tong, 陳侗

What Else Can We Do for Contemporaneity?/ 我們能為當代做點什麼? - CHEN Tong, 陳侗

Starting from Home. A Summary of HomeShop/ 以’家’為起點-家作坊簡述 - DAI Zhanglun, 戴章倫

Wear Journal Number One Editorial HomeShop Series Number One: Games '08/ 穿雜誌第一期摘要-家作坊系列第一輯:08奧運會 - Elaine W. HO, 何穎雅

Beiertiao Leaks/ 北二条小報 - Michael EDDY

Searching for a Meeting Point with the Society. A Summary of CCD Workstation/ 尋找與社會的某種契合點-草場地工作站簡述 - YAN Xiaoxiao, 嚴瀟瀟

CCD Workstation: By the Highway/ 草場地工作站,在高速公路邊 - WU Wenguang, 吳文光

Individual Systems/ 個體體系 - Igor ZABEL

Chapter III: Away from the Crowds, Unexpected Encounters/ 第三章 遠離群眾,不期而遇的遭遇

Away from the Crowds, Unexpected Encounters/ 遠離群眾,不期而遇的遭遇 - LIU Ding, 劉鼎, Carol Yinghua LU, 盧迎華

Reaching Another 'Self' through the 'Collective.' A Summary of Polit-Sheer-Form-Office/ 借助’集體’到達另一個’自我’-政治純形式辦公室簡述 - LU Jingjing, 呂靜靜

Only One Wall/ 只有一面牆 - Polit-Sheer-Form Office, 政治純形式辦公室

The Re-creation of an Exhibition with Time. A Summary of 'Once Is Nothing'/ 用時間’再造’展覧-’一次等於無’簡述 - Carol Yinghua LU, 盧迎華

'Once Is Nothing': Thoughts on an Exhibition on an Exhibition/ ’一次等於無’:思考基於另一個展覧之上的展覧 - Charles ESCHE, Maria HLAVAJOVA

The Substance and Imagination of Company. A Summary of Company/ ’公司’的實體和想像-’公司’簡述 - SU Wei, 蘇偉

About Company/ 關於公司 (Company)

A Discussion about Company/ 一次關於教育的討論 - YAN Xing, 鄢醒

About 'A Project - Cooperation'/ 關於’一個計劃-合作’ - LI Ran, 李然

About 'A Project - Incommunicable'/ 關於’一個計劃-無可告知’ - CHEN Zhou, 陳軸

A Project - the Shape of Company/ 關於'一個計劃-公司的形狀’ - LI Ming, 李明

Knowledge Production as the Battlefield for Subjectivity. A Summary of the Copenhagen Free University/ 知識生產作為主體性的戰場-哥本哈根自由大學簡述 - SU Wei, 蘇偉

All Power to The Copenhagen Free University/ 所有權力屬於哥本哈根自由大學 - Henriette HEISE, Jakob JAKOBSEN

The ABZ of The Copenhagen Free University/ 哥本哈根自由大學ABZ - Henriette HEISE, Jakob JAKOBSEN

We Have Won!/ 我們勝利了! - Henriette HEISE, Jakob JAKOBSEN

Guerrilla Warfare in the Face of an Anxious Situation. A Summary of Small Productions/ 焦灼境遇下的遊擊戰-’小製作’簡述 - LI Ran, 李然

A Small School without Borders. A Transcription of a Round-table Discussion on Small Productions - Liu Ding, Carol Yinghua Lu, Li Fuchun, Li Ming, Shao Yi, Zhang Liaoyuan/ 沒有邊界的小學校-一場關於’小製作’實踐的群論(劉鼎、盧迎華、李富春、李明、邵一、張遼源)

Demands for New Orders in Art. A Summary of the Second World Congress of Free Artists/ 對藝術秩序的一種訴求-第二屆自由藝術家世界大會簡述 - Carol Yinghua LU, 盧迎華

Welcome to the Second World Congress of Free Artists (Speaker: Carla Herrera-Prats/ Camel Collective)/ 第二屆自由藝術家世界大會開幕發言(發言人:卡拉﹒赫瑞拉﹒普拉茨/ 駱駝集體) - Anthony GRAVES

The Weak Universalism/ 弱普遍主義 - Boris GROYS

Chapter IV: What Is Knowledge/ 第四章 什麼是知識

What Is Knowledge/ 什麼是知識 - LIU Ding, 劉鼎, Carol Yinghua LU, 盧迎華

New Media Is Not a Label for New Authority: A Summary of Zhang Peili's New Media Art Teaching Practice/ 新媒體並非新權威的標籤-張培力的新媒體教學實踐簡述 - Carol Yinghua LU, 盧迎華

Why Do We Need New Media? A Speech at the First New Media International Seminar/ 為什麼我們要新媒體?-在首屆新媒體國際研討會上的發言 - ZHANG Peili, 張培力

Some Issues about Media Art Education in China. An Outline for a Speech at Global Bending: Media Art Education in China, a Conference in V2 Institute for the Unstable Media, Rotterdam/ 關於中國媒體教育的一些問題-在荷蘭鹿特丹V2(可變媒體中心)’全球聯合會議’上的發言提綱 - ZHANG Peili, 張培力

Knowledge Production or a Practice of Revolution? A Summary of Shuangbai Studio/ 知識生產還是實踐革命?-雙百工作室簡述 - YAN Xing, 鄢醒

Great Barkers Are No Biters: Who Is Angry with Shuangbai Studio?/ 好狗不擋道-誰生’雙百’的氣? - LIU Dahong, 劉大鴻

School in Exile and Independent Self-expression. A Summary of unitednationsplaza/ 流亡中的學校和獨立的自我表達-’聯合國廣場’簡述

Exhibition as School as Work of Art/ 作為作品的學校和作為學校的展覧 - Anton VIDOKLE

A Temporary Reviewing Platform. A Summary of the 'Zhuhai Meeting'/ 一個臨時的檢閱平台-’珠海會議’簡述

The Importance of the Individual. Wang Guangyi Talked about the 'Zhuhai Meeting'/ 個體的重要性-王廣義談’珠海會議' - WANG Guangyi, 王廣義

A Chronicle of 'Typicalised' Individuals. A Summary of 51m²/ ’類型化’的個體編年史-’51m²’簡述

In Retrospect: the Unfinished Work/ 回望、未完成的工作 - SU Wenxiang, 蘇文祥

Privacy + Dialect = Capital/ 私密+方言=資本 - Clementine DELISS

Towards a Redefinition of the Art School/ 為了藝術學校的重新定義 - Ken LUM, 林蔭庭

Little Movements – Self Practice in Contemporary Art
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Little Movements – Self Practice in Contemporary Art, 小運動—當代藝術中的自我實踐

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