'The collection of 80 essays, written over 44 years, offers an insight into first-generation artist Liu Kang's myriad interests: apart from the visual arts, these also include interior design, music, literature, dance, photography, and medical science. Liu Kang wrote his essays in Chinese. They have been translated into English for the first time, and are accompanied by commentaries and photographs of the artist-author and his subjects.' - from back cover.

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Chapter headings
Introduction: Cosmopolitanising the Modernised Chinese Painting: Liu Kang on Art

- YOW Siewkah, 丘小嘉

Cultivating Art in Singapore: 1937-1950

- YOW Siewkah, 丘小嘉

The Voice of the Motherland
Wen Hsi and his Art
A Self-Sufficient Revival
Commemorative Post-War Art Festival
Sunyee and her Art
The Arts and Life
The Strength of Chinese Culture
Tan Tsze Chor and his Collection of Rare Calligraphy and Paintings
Nanyang Folk Culture in Modern Chinese Art: 1951-1960

- YOW Siewkah, 丘小嘉

The Art of Zhang Liying [Georgette Chen]
Trip to Bali
In Memory of Huang Binhong
Huang Pao-Fang and his Exhibition of Interior Decoration
Gravel of the River - Nurturing New Life
A Chinese Scholar in Singapore: 1961-1980

- YOW Siewkah, 丘小嘉

Where is the Centre for Southeast Asian Art?
Foreword for the Society of Chinese Artists' Thirtieth Anniversary Magazine (Excerpt)
Young Artists: Wee Kong Chai and Yeo Kim Seng
About Xe Beihong (Excerpt)
Yeh Chi Wei and the Ten Man Art Exhibition
Applied Arts and the Future of Our Country
Chi Wei in the Last Ten Years
Eastern and Western Cultures, and Art in Singapore
Fu Lei and Fu Ts'ong
Music and Painting
The Definition of an Intellectual
Liu Haisu and Contemporary Chinese Art
The State of Art in Singapore and its Future Development
Chen Jen Hao: Artist and Teacher
Matisse, Great Master of Twentieth-Century Art
Ho Ho Ying, Initiator of Modern Art (Excerpt)
I Love India
Medical Science and Art
Modern French Ballet
Art Exhibition to Commemorate the International Year of Women
Woodblock Printing: Re-creating Art
Lien Shih Sheng: A Close Friend
Minor Paintings
Chua Soo Pong: As He Is
The Eleventh National Day Art Exhibition
Western Painting in Singapore in the Last 45 Years
Liu Kang: Essays on Art and Culture
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Liu Kang: Essays on Art and Culture