‘In the local art circles, women artists have the freedom of expression but their voices and the issues that they are concerned with are always ignored. Ma’am’s Box tries to reveal the sensitive touches of women through their private lives, which are always seen as banal and trivial by mainstream art’ – Tsang Tak-Ping. This catalogue brings together a collection of multi-media works by five women artists with different backgrounds whose common concern is the sense of love in daily life. Short descriptions of the artists are included.

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Is There a Gender Difference in Art? - LAI Meilin Eliza, 黎美蓮
There is a Gender Difference in Art - TSANG Tak Ping Kith, 曾德平
Women Art: Discuss; Observe; Listen - CHENG Waipang Damian / Tiny West (小西), 鄭威鵬
Ma'am's Box
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Ma'am's Box, 婆媽匣子

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