The first 'MOT Annual' was held in 1999. Since then, the Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo has presented a group exhibition every year to introduce the latest achievements in Japanese Art, organized around themes that reflect contemporary reality. This is the catalogue for 'MOT Annual 2005: Life Actually' on view from January to March 2005.

"Women artists are reexamining features of everyday life around them from their own point of view while questioning ideas that were once regarded as 'common sense' and overlooked until now. They are investigating and rebuilding the society they live in, the history that has formed them, and the world that surrounds them. Their creative acts are based on a capacity for empathy with the world as they deal with their everyday life and immediate surroundings. Their art, like life, overflows with 'love and solitude, and laughter.'" - excerpt from Foreword

Artist biographies, selected bibliography and list of works are included.

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Life actually; the works of contemporary japanese women - love and solitude, and laughter for survival in japan - Michiko KASAHARA, 笠原美智子
MOT Annual 2005: Life Actually
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MOT Annual 2005: Life Actually

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