This catalogue was published on the occasion of the opening of Moving on Asia, an annual series of exhibitions, seminars, and publications on the contemporary issues of video art in the region organised by the Asia Curator Network in 2013. This book presents colour plates of works by participating artists from 2004 to 2013, along with their biographical information, curatorial notes, and artist's statements. 

'Along with the change of social, cultural paradigms and globalization in the 1980s, a wide variety of international art events and the biennale system seem to stuck in a rut combined with art capital. I feel this is the time to explore an alternative international platform system. The Asia Curator Network makes a small defiant attempt to attain this through this Moving on Asia project. Through the successful staging of Moving on Asia, we aspire to build a new cultural identity in the "glocal era" of the 21st century and break down stereotypes of Asian culture." - Jinsuk Suh, from introduction. 

Only the artists with an Asian background are listed below. Non-Asian participating artists include; Daniel Crooks, Ryszard Dabek, Sue Dodd, Benjamin Ducroz, Sophie Ernst, Silvana Mangano & Gabriella Mangano, Angelica Mesiti, Tess Milne, Arlo Mountford, Ana Prvacki, Dominic Redfern, Van Sowerwine, Asli Sungu, and Kellie Wells.   
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FORUM - Time Flowing into the Pacific from the Amur 2012
Mulling over the Social Role of the Korean Moving Image: Moving Images, Expecting the Images That Moves Society - CHOI Dooeun
How Films in the 21st Century Respond and Adapt to the Digital Era: Two Doors - a Transmedia Documentary - Soyoung KIM
Towards a Social Role for Korean Moving Image: a Proposal Towards a Political and Aesthetic Korean Alternative Visual Culture - KIM JANG Yeunho, 김장윤호
Digital Heterotopias: Historical 'Elsewhere' in Korean Video Art of the 2000s - SEO Hyunsuk, 서현석
Expansion of the Cognitive Sense in the Digital Era of the 21st Century - SUH Jinsuk, 서진석
Media Art in Korea: Issues and Counter-Issues - YU Jinsang, 유진상
FRAMES OF REFERENCE: Moving Image Arts in Australia - Alessio CAVALLARO
Digital Obesity: Public Greed for Moving Images - Ade DARMAWAN
The Moving Image as Incident of Disappearance - Patrick D. FLORES
State Ideology vs. the Rise of Small Narratives: Discourse of Moving Images on the 21st Century Thailand - Gridthiya GAWEEWONG, กฤติยา กาวีวงศ์
How to Self-Construct: The Primary Facts and Narration about Moving Image in China - GUO Xiaoyan, 郭曉彥
Extreme Sensibility: Taiwanese Contemporary Video Art - LIU Changhan Charles, 劉昌漢
Discourse on the Moving Image in Vietnam in the 21st Century - NGUYEN Trinh Thi
The Discourse of Moving Images in Hong Kong in the 21st Century - Ellen PAU, 鮑藹倫
Moving Images in the 21st Century in Indian Video Art and Beyond - Johan PIJNAPPEL
Contemporary Japanese Video Artists - Fumihiko SUMITOMO, 住友文彥
SEA STATE: Notes on Video Art in Singapore - David TEH
Moving Image in the 21st Century Malaysia - Lianheng YEOH
Now and Future of Asian Moving Images through 4 Artists
Recommender Essay on Apichatpong WEERASETHAKUL - Gridthiya GAWEEWONG, กฤติยา กาวีวงศ์
The 'Self' Reflection upon the 'Other': Works of YANG Fudong - KIM Baikgyun, 김백균
SONG Dong, the Epitome of Existential Art, His Life and Art - LEE Jinmyung, 이진명
Upon The Cloud of Unknowing - YAP Teckcheng June, 葉德晶
Move on Asia 2004-2010
A New Sphere for Public Discourse and Media Art - SUH Jinsuk, 서진석
Move on Asia - Johan PIJNAPPEL
A World New Order? - Fumihiko SUMITOMO, 住友文彥
Video, the Most Significant Medium in Contemporary Art - SUNG Yonghee, 성용희
Why Video Art Preservation Requires Special Handling? - Howard BESSER
Do We Need a YouTube for Video Art? - Ross HARLEY
Seeking the Possibilities of Image Expressions: What is the Identity of Video Art? - LEE Yonguk
Imagining the Future of Video Art Distribution - Abina MANNING
Beyond the Limits of Video Art - SEO Hyunsuk, 서현석
Rethinking Video Art - Kentaro TAKI, 瀧健太郎
Clash and Network - Simon MAIDMENT, Vikki MCINNES
The Work of Art in Our Global Age: What Can It Globalize and for Whom? - Jyotsna KAPUR
Performance, Gesture, Ritual - Simon MAIDMENT, Vikki MCINNES
The Materialistic Approach to the Changing of Media-Formats - Yasuhiro NISHIMURA
Picture Life - Biljana CIRIC
Artists of Global Village Generation - Ann Youngro YEE
The Days of Confused Values - KANG Euna, 강은아
Korean Video Art and Shamanism - YI Wonkon, 이원곤
Art Forms in Video Making - Liz HUGHES, Caroline FARMER
I Love My India - Johan PIJNAPPEL
The Never Ending End of Video Art - Johan PIJNAPPEL
Moving on Asia 2004-2013
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