This is a catalogue for the community art project led by artist Evelyna Liang. With the development of modern technology, traditional fabric art has gradually been forgotten. In Hong Kong, with a modern culture that heavily emphasises efficiency, fabric art is extremely hard to find. 'The Quilt Project' tries to promote this ancient art within different women's communities and to bring new experiences to the public from this nearly forgotten tradition.

The exhibition displayed works made from two pertinent workshops, and participants included: Ceilia Ting, Connie Yeung, Irene Lee, Yau How-kuen, Lai Kam-sheung, Lai Po-lin, Ip Kuen-wah, Janice Wong, Tong Shuk-woon, Vivien Ho, Chan Sau-man, Cheung Shui-yam, Bettsy Ng, Rosanna Leung, Lee Yuk-ying, Lam Yuk-ching, Lau Wai-kuen and Mak Yin-pin.

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The Women's Quilt Project - LIANG Yeewoo Evelyna, 梁以瑚
About the Woman's Needlecraft - MAN Kitwah Eva, 文潔華
Nu-Hung: The Quilt Project
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Nu-Hung: The Quilt Project, 女紅莊:閨閣廳堂之間

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