A collection of papers presented at 'Our Modernities: Positioning Asian Art Now', an international conference organized by the Asia Research Institute and the Department of History of the National University of Singapore. It was held at the Asian Civilisations Museum, Empress Place, Singapore from 19 to 22 February 2004 with John Clark as chair of convenors. The multi-tiered, multi-thematic conference systematically presented platforms for modern art history and contemporary art critique.

Note: These papers are draft copies collected and bound by Asia Art Archive. They should not be quoted without the authors' permission. Papers by Caroline Turner and Kevin Chua are missing from the total of twenty-six papers presented at the conference. They can be found in the revised volume Eye of the Beholder: Reception, Audience, And Practice of Modern Asian Art (REF.CLJ).

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John CLARK, 姜苦樂

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Tribal Art and its Incorporation into Contemporary Art - Robert JAHNKE
Genologies of the New in Discourse with Tradition: Revisiting the Miniature Tradition - Salima HASHMI
First Steps to Modernity: The Javanese Painter Raden Saleh (1811-1880) - Werner KRAUS
Expressing the 'Other-ness' or Being Neo-Colonial? Dilemmas of the Painters of Post-Colonial Sri Lanka - Bilinda Devage NANDADEVA
Out of Place: Appropriation of the Popular - Yashodhara DALMIA
Site of Strategic Positioning: Liu Guosong's Abstract Ink Painting - Yili KAO
Re-Interpreting Tradition at the Discursive Level: Gu Wenda's Art of Written Language and Its Cultural Context - ZHOU Yan, 周彥
Drawing New Maps of Identification: Shifting Cartographies of Southeast Asian Art - Michelle ANTOINETTE
Glossing Over: The Scents of Globalisation and Regionality - Larissa HJORTH
Cartographies of the Future: The Asia-Pacific Triennials and the Curatorial Imaginary - Francis MARAVILLAS
Curatorship in Viet-Nam: A Challenge to the Government Monopoly in Art - Boitran HUYNH-BEATTIE
The Ping-Pong Policy of Contemporary Chinese Art - Martina KOEPPEL-YANG, 楊天娜
'A Piece of History': Juan Luna's Parisian Life and the Production of Property - Patrick D. FLORES
More Trouble Than It is Worth: Can We Expect Something - Anything - From Public Art in Singapore? - Peter SCHOPPERT
Emergence of Mass Audience For Modern Art in Japan - Toshiharu OMUKA, 五十殿利治
Action and Display - Performance Art Practices in Asian Art Now - Thomas J. BERGHUIS
Everyday Life and Imaginaries of the Modern - Charles MEREWETHER
The Contemporary Art Work of Navin Rawanchaikul: A Critic of Thai Modernity and His Transversal Art Projects - Pandit CHANROCHANAKIT
Two Traditions: Monochrome Art of the 1970s and Minjung (People's) Art of the 1980s - KIM Youngna, 김영나
Garlands of Love: Socialist Realist Aesthetics in Singapore - Ray LANGENBACH
The Imagined Reality: Contemporary Art and Post-Socialist Modernity in China - ZHANG Zhaohui, 張朝暉
Sites of Passage: Landscaping Memory in 'Post-Socialist' Phnom Penh - Penny EDWARDS
Selling Space: Socialism and Signage in Phnom Penh after the Khmer Rouge - Ingrid MUAN
Painting Hanoi in the Past-Perfect Tense: Nostalgia and Contemporary Vietnamese Urban Landscapes - Lisa DRUMMOND
Our Modernities: Positioning Asian Art Now
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Our Modernities: Positioning Asian Art Now

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Our Modernities: Positioning Asian Art Now
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Our Modernities: Positioning Asian Art Now

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