'Performing Archives/Archives of Performance contributes to the ongoing critical discussions of performance and its disappearance, of the ephemeral and its reproduction, of archives and mediatised recordings of liveness.

The many contributions by excellent scholars and artists from a broad range of interdisciplinary fields as well as from various locations in research geographies demonstrate that despite the extensive discourse on the relationship between performance and the archive, inquiry into the productive tensions between ephemerality and permanence is by no means outdated or exhausted. New ways of understanding archives, history, and memory emerge and address theories of enactment and intervention, while concepts of performance constantly proliferate and enable a critical focus on archival residue. The contributions in Performing Archives/Archives of Performance cover philosophical inquiries as well as discussions of specific art works, performances, and archives. - from publisher's website

The anthology is divided into three sections: Ontologies, Archives of Performance, and Performing Archives. Ontologies contains essays which continue or revisit the discussions of performance ontology. Archives of Performance contains a group of articles addressing art projects that challenge the archive from within. The final section explore the notion of 'performing archives' where the archive is transformed into a dynamic and self-reflective medium that challenges its own ontology.

Includes select bibliography and biographies of contributors.

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In Between States

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Introduction: The Archive in Performance Studies - Gunhild BORGGREEN, Rune GADE
I: Ontologies
Archiving Legacies: Who Cares for Performance Remains? - Heike ROMS
Unpredictable Temporalities: The Body and Performance in (Art) History - Amelia JONES
Unstable Archives: Languages and Myths of the Visible - Julie Louise BACON
This Way Brouwn: The Archive—Present, Past, and Future - Peter VAN DER MEIJDEN
“All This is Left”: Performing and Reperforming Archives of Khmer Rouge Violence - Emma WILLIS
Living Archives as Interventions in Ea Sola’s Forgotten Fields - Rivka Syd EISNER
Choreographic Archives: Towards an Ontology of Movement Images - Rachel FENSHAM
Dance Encounters Online: Digital Archives and Performance - Sarah WHATLEY
Performance, Again: Resuscitating the Repertoire - Tracy C. DAVIS, Barnaby KING
The Archive Is Here and Now: Reframing Political Events as Theatre - Laura Luise SCHULTZ
II: Archives of Performance
Remembering Istanbul: What, How & for Whom? Canons and Archives in Contemporary Art Biennialisation - Malene Vest HANSEN
Performing and Deforming the Family Archive - Mette SANDBYE
The Performative Uses of the Surveillance Archive in Manu Luksch’s Works - Bodil Marie Stavning THOMSEN
Sombra Dolorosa (Guy Maddin, 2004): A Queer Archival Performance - Margherita SPRIO
Undercover by Hotel Pro Forma, Performing the National Archive: Staging Cultural Heritage at the Royal Library in Copenhagen - Annelis KUHLMANN
Flexowriters, Punch Paper Poetry, and Ontological Gaps: What happened to the Unheard Avant-Gardes? - Morten SONDERGAARD
Staging the Self (Transformations, Invasions, and Pushing Boundaries) - Martha WILSON
Archives and the Performance of Becoming “Other” - Catherine BAGNALL
III: Performing Archives
Performing the Archive: The Future of the Past - Paul CLARKE
Performing Histories: Archiving Practices of Rimini Protokoll and The Atlas Group - Solveig GADE
Archives of Secrecy: Yoshiko Shimada’s Art Project Bones in Tansu—Family Secrets - Gunhild BORGGREEN
Labor of Love: Contesting Normative Urbanisation in Marianna Jørgensen’s love alley - Rune GADE
Escaping the Fortress of Memory: Archive Pathology in Lindsay Seers’s Art - Louise WOLTHERS
The Trouble with Straight Time: Disruptive Anachronisms in Pauline Boudry and Renate Lorenz’s N.O. Body - Mathias DANBOLT
Un/archive - Marco PUSTIANAZ
Performing Archives/Archives of Performance
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Performing Archives/Archives of Performance

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