This is a catalogue for the exhibition ‘Primeval Fireball: The Project for Projects’ featuring drawings of projects by Cai Guoqiang which were later realized in various locations of the world. Each of these huge drawings consists of a series of one by two meter panels placed in a row. Most of them were created at the factory of the Marutamaya Ogatsu Fireworks Company in Ibaragi Perfecture and finished at P3 and environment (Japan). A brief description for each of the projects, a report on the production of the ‘Primeval Fireball’ project, and an essay about working with Cai Guoqiang are included. A brief biography of the artist is provided.
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Beyond Flash and Smoke

- Takashi SERIZAWA, 芹沢高志

Conversation Between Cai Guoqiang and P3
Hyper Space - Time Scud Fire

- Akihiko TAKAMI, 鷹見明彦

Primeval Fireball Production Report

- Michiko TAKAGISHI, 高岸道子

Primeval Fireball: The Project for Projects -- Cai Guoqiang
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Primeval Fireball: The Project for Projects -- Cai Guoqiang, 原初火球: 蔡國強