'Narratives in Malaysian Art Volume 2: Reactions - New Critical Strategies looks at ways in which artists have responded to socio-political events that have taken place in Malaysia, and also at changing approaches and attitudes in art-making over the past 45 years. Featuring leading critical voices in Malaysian art from the 70s to the 90s to those of a younger generation of artists, writers and researchers, this volume captures something of the underlying urgency and passion that have informed the development of contemporary Malaysian art and artistic practice.' - Excerpt from the book cover.

Included in the book are interviews with artists, contributors' biographies, timeline of events, and colour plates of art works. 

Narrative in Malaysian Art is a four-volume publication project. Each volume is titled as follows. 
Volume 1: Imagining Identities
Volume 2: Reactions - New Critical Strategies
Volume 3: Infrastructures
Volume 4: Perspective

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Narratives in Malaysian Art: Volume II

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Manifesto Generation Anak Alam

Anak Alam: Behind the Scenes - Nur Hanim Bt Mohamed Khairuddin

Towards a Mystical Reality: a Documentation of Jointly-Initiated Experiences by Redza Piyadasa and Suleiman Esa - Redza PIYADASA, Sulaiman Esa

An Empty Canvas on Which Many Shadows Have Already Fallen - Simon SOON, 孫先勇

Dynamism and Sophistication: Malaysian Modern Art in the 1970s - Safrizal SHAHIR

Chong Kim Chiew, Isolation House

- Beverly YONG, Kimchiew CHONG

Yee I-Lann, Malaysia Day Commemorative Plates - YEE Ilann, Zedeck SIEW

Nadiah Bamadhaj, 1965: Rebuilding its Monuments - Nadiah BAMADHAJ

Chai Chang Hwang, Rukun Negara - Beverly YONG, Chaichang HWANG

An-Other May 13: An Ongoing History of Artistic Responses - Mark TEH

Invisible Body: An Othering Narrative - Zihao TAN

Nirmala Dutt Shanmughalingam, Statement 1: Pollution Piece, Statement 2, Statement 3 - A Comparison 1975-1979 - Nirmala DUTT

Ponirin Amin, Chess Alibi, Pulau Bidong - Nur Hanim Bt Mohamed Khairuddin, Ponirin Bin AMIN

Towards an Utopian Paradigm: A Matter of Contingencies and Displacement - Ismail ZAIN

New Art, New Voices: Krishen Jit Talks to Wong Hoy Cheong on Contemporary Malaysian Art - Krishen JIT, WONG Hoycheong, 黃海昌

Malay Artists and the Postmodern Situation: Thematic Approaches since the 1990s - Sarena ABDULLAH

Different Visions: Contemporary Malaysian Art and Exhibition in the 1990s and Beyond - Michelle ANTOINETTE

Wong Hoy Cheong, Lalang - Ray LANGENBACH, WONG Hoycheong, 黃海昌

Zulkifli Yusoff, Power 1 - Zulkifli YUSOFF

Liew Kung Yu, Wadah Untek Pemimpin - Rahel JOSEPH, LIEW Kung Yu

Bayu Utomo Radjikin, Warbox - Adeline OOI, Bayu Utomo RADJIKIN

Against the Grain: Photographic Practices in Malaysia since the 1950s - ZHUANG Wubin, 莊吳斌

From Mass to Multimedia: Malaysian Art in an Electronic Era - Hasnul Jamal SAIDON, Niranjan RAJAH

Languages and Locations: Video in the Malaysian Art Context - Adeline OOI, Beverly YONG

Malaysia's New Media Art Landscape - Suzy SULAIMAN

Apa ? Siapa? Kenapa

Ahmad Fuad Osman, Hoi hoi... apa ni?! Dia kata hang salah, hang kata dia yang tak betoi... sapa yang salah, sapa yang betoi ni?!!! Hangpa ni sebenaqnya nak apaaaaa??? - Ahmad Fuad OSMAN, Nur Hanim Bt Mohamed Khairuddin

Anurendra Jegadeva, Running Indians and the History of Malaysian Indians in 25 Cliches - Anurendra JEGADEVA, Rahel JOSEPH

Radical Gestures in Malaysian Performance Art - Rahmat HARON

The Street Is Our Canvas: Grafitti Art in Kuala Lumpur


Re-Negotiating Spaces: Site, Space and Place in Contemporary Art in Malaysia - Sau Bin YAP

Noor Azizan Rahman Paiman, Cleansing Rituals - Noor Azizan Bin RAHMAN PAIMAN, Nur Hanim Bt Mohamed Khairuddin

Mark Teh, Sudden Death - Mark TEH, Rahmat HARON

Four Currencies in Contemporary Practice - Simon SOON, 孫先勇

Reactions - New Critical Strategies
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Reactions - New Critical Strategies

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