Realism Materialism Art introduces a wide range of new realist and materialist philosophies and examines their influence within the arts. This dynamic collection of texts and images breaks realism and materialism out of their philosophical frames and opens them to broader cultural and social concerns.
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Preface - Tom ECCLES
Things Aren't What They Used to Be: On the Immateriality of Matter and the Reality of Relations - James LADYMAN
From Within the Midst of Things: New Sensibility, New Alchmy, and the Renewal of Critical Theory - Diana COOLE
Feminism, Materialism, and Freedom - Elizabeth GROSZ
Is Marxism a Correlationism - Diedrich DIEDERICHSEN
Entering the Flow - Boris GROYS
Possibility Spaces - Manuel DELANDA, Christoph COX
Art and OOObjecthood - Graham HARMAN, Christoph COX, Jenny JASKEY
Sonic Thought - Christoph COX
Unnatural Participations - Jonathan LEE
Law and Disorder - Susan SCHUPPLI
Blobjectivism and ART - Terry HORGAN, Matjaz POTRC
Absolute Spectacle - McKenzie WARK
Pessimism and Realism - Eugene THACKER
Making Non-Standard Thoughts: An Introduction to Francois Laruelle - John O MAOILEARCA
Artistic Experiments with Philosophy - John O MAOILEARCA, Francois LARUELLE
Reason to Destroy Contemporary Art - Suhail MALIK
Non-Correlational Thought - Steven SHAVIRO
The Idiot Paradigm - Matthew POOLE
Reason Is Inconsolable and Non-Conciliatory - Ray BRASSIER, Suhail MALIK
Suprematist Ontology and the Ultra Deep Field Problem: Operations of the Concept - Iain Hamilton GRANT
In Defense of Representation - Tristan GARCIA
Concepts That Surrender to Materiality and to the Real - Katerina KOLOZOVA
The Temptation of the Diagram - Matthew RITCHIE
-non-music-non-stop- - Achim AZEPANSKI
Concept without Difference: The Promise of the Generic - Amanda BEECH
Geographies of Time (The Last Pictures) - Trevor PAGLEN
Computational Infrastructures and Aesthetics - Nick SRNICEK
Real Noise Acts - Mikko CANINI
Thick Dia-Chronic Crash. Incision into Delay - Andy WEIR
Synechistic Critique of Aesthetic Judgment - Reza NEGARESTANI
What Is It That Makes Today's Realism So Different, So Appealing? - João RIBAS
Speculative Poetics-Preliminary Reflections - Armen AVANESSIAN
Automated Architecture: Speculative Reason in the Age of the Algorithm - Luciana PARISI
Metaphysics and Extro-Science Fiction - Quentin MEILLASSOUX
Technology of the Future - Elie AYACHE
List of Figures - Jenny JASKEY, Alicia RITSON
Realism Materialism Art
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Realism Materialism Art