'This issue of Review of Japanese Culture and Society examines Japanese art of the 1960s, perhaps the most studied decade of post-1945 Japanese art. Specific focus has been given to vanguard practices that took art "outside the box", so to speak, wherein the "box" stands for the various conventional and institutional strictures of art.' - excerpt from introduction by Reiko Tomii.

With three articles that explore examples of "art outside the box" through in-depth art-historical research, and the proceedings of Japanese art Since 1945: The First PoNJA-GenKon Symposium. Also included in the publication is the translation of a fictional work by Yoko Ono. Biographies of the contibutors are included.

The Review of Japanese Culture and Society is an annual English-language journal dedicated to the critical analysis of Japanese culture using thematic and interdisciplinary approaches.
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1960s Japan: Art Outside the Box

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'Art Outside the Box' in 1960s Japan: An Introduction and Commentary - Reiko TOMII, 富井玲子
Kyushu-ha as a Movement: Descending to the Undersides of Art - Raiji KURODA, 黒田雷児
Appendix: An Overview of Kyushu-ha - Raiji KURODA, 黒田雷児
A Flash of Neo Dada: Cheerful Destroyers in Tokyo (1993) - Raiji KURODA, 黒田雷児
War Is Over!: John and Yoko's Christmas Eve Happening, Tokyo, 1969 - Kevin CONCANNON
Japanese Art Since 1945: The First PoNJA-GenKon Symposium
The Saga of Japanese Men Sinking - Yoko ONO, オノヨーコ
Review of Japanese Culture and Society (2005.12)
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Review of Japanese Culture and Society (2005.12)