This exhibition takes the 'Santhal Family' by Indian artist Ramkinkar Baij as the starting point. Deemed as the first major modernist public sculpture in India, 'Santhal Family' fuses the forms of modernism and temple/traditional sculpture. The exhibition explores the art historical significance of Santhal Family as well as the sculpture’s relationship to art and social change.

This publication is produced in conjunction with the titled exhibition. It features commissioned texts from critics and scholars and visual essays by artists. Brief biographical notes of the contributors included.
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Introduction - Grant WATSON
Ramkinkar Baij and Modernism's Dual Commitments - R. Siva KUMAR
Ramkinkar and Modernity: A Photo Essay - Anshuman DASGUPTA
Burying Lenin in Birbhum and Pentonville - Will BRADLEY
The Santhal Family and the Intervention of a Subaltern Counterpublic - Stephen MORTON
Statue - Mahasweta DEVI
Between Aesthetics of Migration and Migratory Aesthetics - Sudeep DASGUPTA
Fast Asleep - Melvin MOTTI
Yaksha Prashna - Raqs Media Collective
In Conversation - Irit ROGOFF, Anshuman DASGUPTA
Santhal Family: Positions Around An Indian Sculpture
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Santhal Family: Positions Around An Indian Sculpture

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