Produced by the National Arts Council, this is a commemorative book celebrating the vibrancy and diversity of the arts in Singapore in the New Millennium. Coinciding with the tenth anniversary of the National Arts Council itself, 'Selves' is also a celebration of the NAC's decade of work as a national agency promoting the arts. Critical essays and theoretical arguments make this essential reading for anyone interested in Singapore's art and cultural scene.
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Notes from a Small Island: A Review of Recent Musical Traditions

- Shzree TAN

Orchestration of Traditional Culture: An Indian Orchestra and a Chinese Quartet

- Shzree TAN

Dancing Bodies: Culture and Modernity

- Huicheng GAN

Singapore Dance Theatre

- Joanne LEE

Paradigm Shifts and Histories of Art


'Second Generation Artists'

- Joyce TOH, 杜慧珊

Three-Dimensional Art

- Joyce FAN

Artists Village

- Joanna LEE, 李美玲

In Search of Singapore Theatre

- Siangping NG

From Opera to Fringe Theatre: A Journey of Malay Drama

- Atin Amat

Tamil Theatre in the Making

- Vadivalagan

Of Borders and Nationhood: Literature in English


Food, Ghosts, Youth


Singapore Chinese Literature: Sowing the Seeds of Hope

- Winghong CHONG

Lasting Legacy of Tamil Poetry

- Iqbal

Malay Literature: Seeking a Resurgence

- Hadijah Rahmat

Pen as a Bridge: The Translations of Chan Maw Woh

- Winghong CHONG

Film Art: Celluloid Desires and Economic Realities

- Kamyoke KONG

Photographic Art: Glossy Finishes and Gritty Edges

- Lindy POH

Digital Art: Pixel Perfection and Art Content

- Felicia LOW

Art Criticism: The Critical Need

- QUAH Syren, 柯思仁

Malay Theatre: Moral Dilemmas and Creative Challenges

- Mohd Raman Daud

Supporting the Arts

- Susan LOH

Sponsoring the Arts

- Susan LOH, Elaine LIM

Roundtable Discussion

- Kianwoon KWOK

Arts for Singapore

- Thaiker LIU

Horse for the Arts

- LEE Wengchoy, 李永財

Selves: The State of the Arts in Singapore
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Selves: The State of the Arts in Singapore

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