With bold and highly complicated installation works, So Yan-kei makes her marks in Hong Kong art scene. This monograph features her major works from 1996 when she has become a full-time artist through 2001 prior to her study in the United States, and contains a collection of critical essays regarding her and her art by a number of renowned art critics in Hong Kong.
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The Poetic Public Art

- MAN Kitwah Eva, 文潔華

The Quest of So Yan-kei's

- HO Hingkay Oscar, 何慶基

A Discourse in Grey

- LEUNG Poshan Anthony, 梁寶山

No Title

- ZERO, 思諾

About 'So Yan-kei' and 'So Yan-kei's Work'

- CHAN Kaiyin, 陳啟賢

One Interpretation of So Yan-kei's Installation Work

- William CHEUNG, 張鳳麟

Rewritting So Yan-kei

- TSANG Takping Kith, 曾德平

Diversity - Similarity

- LUI Chunkwong, 呂振光

So Yan-kei
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So Yan-kei, 蘇恩祺裝置藝術