Produced by the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, this series of publication comprises ten volumes, each featuring one (or two) art critic(s) (born before 1940) in Taiwan. The featured critics include Frank S.H. Wang, Ho Huaishuo, Ho Tiehhua, Hsieh Lifa, Li Chungsheng, Lin Hsingyueh, Liu Kuosung, Wang Paiyuan, Wu Tienshang, and Chen Chunte. Biography of the critic and the author, as well as representative essays by the featured critic are provided in each volume.

AAA holds nine volumes of the series. For details of each volume, please refer to the individual records:
(Taiwan Art Criticism Series: Hsieh Lifa)
(Taiwan Art Criticism Series: Frank S.H. Wang)
(Taiwan Art Criticism Series: Ho Huaishuo)
(Taiwan Art Criticism Series: Ho Tiehhua)
(Taiwan Art Criticism Series: Li Chungsheng)
(Taiwan Art Criticism Series: Lin Hsingyueh)
(Taiwan Art Criticism Series: Wang Paiyuan)
(Taiwan Art Criticism Series: Liu Kuosung)
(Taiwan Art Criticism Series: Wu Tienshang and Chen Chunte)

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台灣美術評論全集 | Taiwan mei shu ping lun quan ji | Taiwan meishu pinglun chuanchi

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(Taiwan Art Criticism Series)
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Taiwan Art Criticism Series, 臺灣美術評論全集

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