'This book is a retrospective publication of the work of a distinguished artist collective, the Institute of People Oriented Culture of Taring Padi (widely known as TP), which was founded at the end of 1998. Their collective body of work is divided here into thirteen socially engaged themes, ranging from anti-militarism, corruption, anti-neoliberalism, and workers and peasants' movements, to women's liberation and environmental issues, with an accompanying text anchoring each theme. Through these thematic categories and introductory texts, this book documents the reactions of radical artists like the founders of Taring Padi to the social and political changes in Indonesia since the Reformasi (the reformation era) began in 1998. Continuing unabated to the present, these reactions have taken the form of collective works of art that are progressive, inclusive and militant.' —from the Introduction by Alexander Supartono

Includes images of artwork, photographic documentation and musical scores. Author biographies are provided.

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Introduction - Alexander SUPARTONO

Taring Padi: Not for the Sake of a Fine Arts Discourse - Dolorosa SINAGA

Half-Man-Half-Dog Iconography: Antimilitarism Campaign in the Artworks of Taring Padi - Kiswondo

An Immortal Idea - Martin ALEIDA

The Production of Taring Padi's Responses toward Horizontal Conflicts - Kiswondo

Taring Padi/Ideology Has a Gender: The Representation of Women in the Artworks of Taring Padi - Wulan DIRGANTORO

Workers United, Will Never Be Defeated - Yayat YATMAKA

Rejecting Ndoro Londo's Return, or Globalization - Bambang Agung

God Loves a Corrupter - Rheinhard SIRAIT

Omah Buku Taring Padi and Other Educational Activities - Emilia JAVANICA

Taring Padi's Music as a Tool for Generating Awareness - Jeffar Lumban Gaol

Agrarian Reform as the Primary Demand of the Indonesian Farmer's Movement - Erpan FARYADI

The Human Condition in Environmental Issues - Marco KUSUMAWIJAYA

Growing Global Cultural Networks - Alexandra CROSBY

(Taring Padi: Art Smashing Tyranny)
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Taring Padi: Art Smashing Tyranny, Taring Padi: Seni Membongkar Tirani

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