Chang Wen-hsuan's The Compendium of Autobiographies was shown in the exhibition Discordant Harmony at Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts from 22 July to 18 September 2016.

In this monograph, Chang writes, 'Although history takes a huge part in this project, the focus is not so much on history as on the dead; literally people who died, not object-like human beings. Rather than to write any kinds of history, my ambition is to write people who wrote the history, to write the "history-writing" moment when personal history is realized through the process of production. Historical figure are made through a series of event and every single moment in the process of acting, narrating, witnessing, text, being edited, and being read. Only in this way can I find the position where collective history and personal history meet.' - excerpted from "Records on Silent Frustration". 


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The Compendium of Autobiographies, 自傳大系

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