'This series of five lectures revolves around certain issues relating to modern art, particularly modern Indian art. The attempt is to open up the issues and see them in a broader perspective, hoping that any discussion this may elicit will enlarge our understanding of the modern art situation. These lectures discusss certain common terms and concepts - such as modernity, eclecticism, nostalgia - which have entered our art vocabulary, and which lend themselves to reinterpretation today. some of the quesions addressed are as follows: What concept does a modern artist or critic have of current art activity? How does a modern artist react to his environment and cultural inheritance? Under what perceptions or illusions or emotional urges does he work? and what general norms of achievement can we think of in the highly heterogeneous art scene of today?' - excerpt from the back cover  

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Lecture 1: Models of Modern Art
Lecture 2: Eclecticism I
Lecture 3: Eclecticism II
Lecture 4: What is Wrong with Nostalgia?
Lecture 5: Forms and Norms
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