'The Explicit Body in Performance interrogates the avant-garde precedents and theoretical terrain that combined to produce feminist performance art.

Rebecca Schneider tackles topics ranging across the "post-porn modernist movement", New Right censorship, commodity fetishism, perspectival vision, and primitivism. Employing diverse critical theories from Benjamin to Lacan to postcolonial and queer theory, Schneider analyses artistic and pop cultural depictions of the explicit body in late commodity capitalism.

The Explicit Body in Performance is complemented by extensive photographic illustrations and artistic productions of postmodern feminist practitioners.' - from Publisher's website
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Binary Terror and the Body Made Explicit
Logic of the Twister, Eye of the Storm
Permission to See
The Secret's Eye
After Us the Savage Goddess
Seeing the Big Show
Epilog: Returning from the Dead
The Explicit Body in Performance
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The Explicit Body in Performance

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