This exhibition catalogue features conceptual works by eleven contemporary Chinese artists. Feng Boyi, curator of show, introduces the exhibition as follows: ‘The starting point for works in this exhibition was the present living climate as perceived and interpreted by artists using art as a conduit. The artists revealed their own attitudes towards the existence of the self and their own status through their reflections upon their own experiences. The resultant works combined to a widely varying view of the facts of life and materials. Using the forms of installation and performance, these represented not only the status of society in the 1990s as it is driven by social and economic change, but also the artists’ personal understanding of the theme, of the traces of existence.’ Biographical information of the artists is included.

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About the Art Now Studio - CAI Qing, 蔡青
The Path to the Trace of Existence: A Private Showing of Chinese Contemporary Art '98 - FENG Boyi, 馮博一
Trace of Existence: A Private Showing of Chinese Contemporary Art '98
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Trace of Existence: A Private Showing of Chinese Contemporary Art '98, 生存痕跡: ‘98中國當代藝術内部觀摩展

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