In the 1980s and '90s Indian sculpture was unusually productive of new ideas, new idioms, expressed in a radically wide variety of materials and mediums. The most significant trends, tendencies, and breakthroughs in the use of the sculptural medium are analysed in this volume, along with a sampling of the works of individual artists as representative of this complex whole.

The book also features, in its final section, a photographic portfolio of the works of twenty-seven prominent sculptors of the closing decades of the 20th century. It includes excerpts from the writings of art critics, or statements by the artists, some written exclusively for this book.

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Introduction - Shivaji K. PANIKKAR
Sculptural Embodiments: Unmaking and Remaking Modernity - Anshuman DASGUPTA
Towards a 'Genre' Theory of Figurative Sculpture - P.J. BENOY
Abstraction: Nature and the Numinous - Suresh JAYARAM
Shifts in Medium: Trends, Tendencies, and Breakthroughs - Sudhir Kumar DUPPATI
Modes and Strategies of Feminist Interventions: Sculptural Encodings - Shubhalakshmi SHUKLA
'Avant-Garde' and Alternative Sculptural Practices - Shivaji K. PANIKKAR
Sorathi Paliya: Traditional and Contemporary, Forms and Functions - Peter MADDOCK
The Politics of Popular Art: Maharashtra - Gary Michael TARTAKOV
Politics, Popular Icons, and Urban Space in Tamil Ndau - A. SRIVATHSAN
Mahishasuramardini in Painted Clay: The Popular Urban Context - Soumik Nandy MAJUMDAR
Popular Sculpture in Kerala: Practices and Innovations - Nandakumar M.
A Journey of Spirit: Sculpture at the Kolett Temple, Arpukkara, Kerala - Alex CHANDY
Twentieth-Century Indian Sculpture: The Last Two Decades
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Twentieth-Century Indian Sculpture: The Last Two Decades