This is a study of Walter Benjamin, a German philosopher and cultural critic, by Terry Eagleton. Benjamin combines elements of German idealism, Romanticism, historical materialism, and Jewish mysticism in his philosophy and has made enduring and influential contributions to aesthetic theory and Western Marxism.
'As the subtitle suggests, the goal of the book is not merely to contemplate Benjamin's approach to language, history and art, but to chart a dynamic new course for contemporary socialist criticism. Eagleton brushes Benjamin's Trauerspiel against seventeenth-century British literature, tests his concept of the "aura" against Freud and Lacan, and undertakes his most sustained engagement with Derrida and the political crossroads of deconstruction.' - excerpted from back cover.

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Walter Benjamin
1. The Baroque Allegory
2. Aura and Commodity
3. History, Tradition and Revolution
Towards a Revolutionary Criticism
1. 'Marxist Criticism'
2. A Small History of Rhetoric
3. On Textuality
4. Marxism and Deconstruction
5. Carnival and Comedy: Bakhtin and Brecht
6. The Angel of History
Homage to Walter Benjamin
Walter Benjamin or <i>Towards a Revolutionary Criticism</i>
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Walter Benjamin or Towards a Revolutionary Criticism

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