"This anthology of Leonidas V. Benesa articles illustrates the beginning of Philippine contemporary art scene - new trends, thoughts, and philosophies that influenced budding modern-day visual artists." - extract taken from inside book cover. Described as possessing "keen eyes and scrutinizing intellect," Benesa was a visiting art critic-member of the Association Internationale des Critiques D'Art (AICA), who initiated the founding of the Art Critics Association of the Philippines (ACAP). The collection of articles that make up 'What is Philippine About...,' reflecting three decades of the Philippine art scene, is gathered from Benesa's weekly column in The Daily Express as well as contributions to other journals and magazines.
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Chapter headings
Goodbye, Leo, and Welcome
Abstraction and Image in Lao and Albor
Arturo Luz: Artist With a Mandarin Sensibility
Lorenzo: The Filipino Sensibility in Still Lifes
Valencia-Eala's Still Lifes and Interior Scenes
Dazzling HRO Retro at MOPA
The Place of Man in Cian and Ricio
A Muslim Artist's Homage to Pigafetta
Olazo: An Aesthetic of Transparency
The Kulay Anyo: Art for the Public
Castrillo: Doing the Giant's Work
The Painter Baldemor as Sculptor
Whatever Happened to Sculptor Ildefonso Marcelo?
Philippine Sculpture is Alive and Well
Illustration as Art in Realist Exhibits
Eustaquio: Minor Master in the Shadows
The Score with Dimasalang's SYM
Towards a Watercolor Movement
'Filipinas ni Bencab' as Revolutionary Art
In Search of the Filipina with Remy Boquiren
Filipino Leitmotifs in Tabuena and Baldemor
Sanso's Pale Moon, Druidic Sun and Rushing Waters
Zaballero's Grids of Memory
Ong's Lotus Paintings at ABC
'Year of the Horse' and others by three artists
'Southern Art' at ABC and Bleue
Ibarra's Tropicalia of Colors
The First CCP Annual Art Exhibition
The Art Market and the Young Artist
Portrait of Bernardo as Underrated Artist
Art Association of the Philippines: Its a crisis when there's no crisis
Nena Saguil: Aesthete of Solitude
The Printmakers
Samonte's Colorscapes at Bleue
Forty Years of a Master Painter
From Light to Serious Art
The Cruciform Icon in Ang Kiukok's Art
The Baked Clay Works of Julie Lluch
The Trascendentalists in Philippine Art
Moon Series in Print Show
Of Horses and Orchids with Tomas Bernardo
Lessons in Print Techniques by Gelvezon-Tequi
The Metropolitan Museum of Manila
MOPA Inaugurates First Friday Group
The Return of Norma Belleza
Implications of Aguinaldo's CCP Show
Jose T. Joya: A Name for Abstract
'Vintage Art' at Rear Room
The Aesthetic of Realism in Philippine Art
Reflections at an AAP Annual
The Master From Angono
Olmedo's Dark Art in Color at Heritage
Victorio Edades
Dalena as Major Expressionist
E. Aguilar Cruz: The Humanist as Artist
The Social Uses of Art i Baens-Santos
Situational Sculpture at CCP
The MOPA Selection for 1979
Nestor Vinluean Painters' Painter
Antonio Austria: People's Artist
Rodriguez: The Printmaker as Painter
Doplon's Rhapsodies in Blue and Okir
Arellano: Blazing Sunset Finish
Angelito Antonio: The Mother Theme
The Saturday Group's 10 Years of What
The Grid as Device-Excuse in CCP Show
How Abstract is Philippine Abstract Art?
An Amorsolo Festival
Paras-Perez's 'Form-Probes'
Where is Solomon Saprid's Lonely Gom-Bur-Za Statue Going?
In Search of Identity With Old Masters
Is There a Magic in Stevesantos' Realism?
What is Philippine about Philippine Art?
A Visit to TOYM Awardee Raul Isidro
Wit Spices the Erotic in Abueva Exhibition
Filipino Motifs in Cajipe-Endaya's Prints
Bose: Artist as Medicine Man
From Expressionistic to Transcendental with De Guzman
David Medalla: The Country's Foremost International
Apung Juan
Lamarroza: The Painter as Ecologist
Francia: The Poet as Painters' Painter
Philippine Contemporary Art as a Post-War Phenomenon
What is Philippine about Philippine Art? and Other Essays
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What is Philippine about Philippine Art? and Other Essays

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