This book written by academics, critics and fellow practitioner features the 30 artists that were chosen for the WOWB or "Who Owns Women's Bodies?" Travelling Exhibit that toured Lipa City in Batangas, Vigan in Ilocos Sur, and the Cultural Center of the Philippines in Manila. The WOWB Exhibit is on its way to the key cities of Visayas and Mindanao in the last quarter of 2001.

This book is aimed be of help to students, researchers, artists, the academe and the non-museum/ gallery - going public who wish to enrich their knowledge, not only on the artists and their works, but above all, on gender issues. Furthermore, it provided a lively take-off point for discussion and debate on sexuality and reproductive health and rights.

Glossary, index and biographies(artists, editors and authors) are included.

Please note that a second edition of the book was published in 2005 after the completion of the touring exhibition, with a slight difference in content.
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Foreword - Bienvenido LUMBERA

Introduction - Rochit I. TANEDO

Women Against Patriarchy - Alice G. GUILLERMO

Bone, Muscle and Soul: Curator's Notes - Imelda CAJIPE-ENDAYA

Salvador Alonday: Feet of Clay - Patrick D. FLORES

Alfredo Juan and Isabel Gaudinez Aquilizan: Leaving/living home through art - Flaudette May V. DATUIN

Agnes Arellano: Baring the Quandary of Barrenness - Ana P. LABRADOR

Genara Banzon: Nature as Paradox - Eileen LEGASPI-RAMIREZ

Andres Barrioquinto: Distortion as Metonym - Jose TENCE RUIZ

Imelda Cajipe-Endaya: Woman as Subject of History - Alice G. GUILLERMO

Charlie Co: Mute Signpost on Wheels - Cecile LOCSIN-NAVA

Lena Cobangbing: What You See is What You Get (wysiwyg)? Not! - Eileen LEGASPI-RAMIREZ

Cecil de Leon: Illness, Death and Healing - Flaudette May V. DATUIN

Alfredo Esquillo: Media Issues and Women's Concerns - Alice G. GUILLERMO

Brenda V. Fajardo: the Babaylan through History - Alice G. GUILLERMO

Roberto Feleo: Layered Meanings in Chance Encounters - Corazon HILA

Karen O. Flores: Creating New Icons about Ourselves - Flaudette May V. DATUIN

Geraldine Javier: Desire in Undesirable times - Jose TENCE RUIZ

Irma Lacorte: Odd or Subtract - Karen OCAMPO FLORES

Tita V. Lim: Tampering, Burning, Prevailing - Marilyn R. CANTA

Julie Lluch: Fire Within, Fear Without - Marilyn R. CANTA

Al Manrique: Caveats for a Shared Imagination - Jose TENCE RUIZ

Jose Mendoza: the Silence of Steel - John Joseph S. CORONEL

Alma Urduja Quinto: Stitching Lore to Bind Body and Spirit - Marilyn R. CANTA

Dan Raralio: Real Stakes in Surreal Form - Ana P. LABRADOR

Norberto Roldan: Faith Healing - Patrick D. FLORES

Jose Tence Ruiz: Variations on a Theme of Inang Bayan - Alice G. GUILLERMO

Katti Sta. Ana: Stylistic Passages, Skin-deep Fetishes - Eileen LEGASPI-RAMIREZ

Judy Freya Sibayan: Self-healing, Rib Poking - Eileen LEGASPI-RAMIREZ

Cristina Taniguchi: Pricked but Not Bleeding - Marilyn R. CANTA

Lia Tayag: Earthwindfirewaterwoman - John Joseph S. CORONEL

Sandra Torrijos: Metamorphosing in Fields of Energy - John Joseph S. CORONEL

Ann Wizer: Re-membering our Bodies, Re-connecting Our Selves - Flaudette May V. DATUIN

Epilogue - Sylvia ESTRADA-CLAUDIO

Who Owns Women's Bodies?
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Who Owns Women's Bodies?

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