Publication in conjunction with symposium and exhibition organised by WAN (Women's Art Network) and Women's Performance Art Osaka Committee, that featured the collaborative efforts of women artists, historians, art professionals, etc, to give an organised art event from "a women's point of view". 'Women's Art Salon - Herstories on Pioneers in Art' was a discussion held at the Toki Art Space on 18-24 December 2000; the exhibition 'Women Breaking Boundaries 21' was held at the Hillside Forum on 17-28 January 2001; and '1st Women's Performance Art Osaka' at the Art Space Osaka on 12-14 January 2001. Various themes explored, relating to common experiences of women, includes environment, gender, body, age, sexuality, violence, community. Collection of essays, interviews and talks by various participants, both writers and artists.

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Women Breaking Boundaries 21: For the Future - Yuri MITSUDA, 光田由里
From the Place Where I Am - Yoshinobu SHIMASAKI, 嶋崎吉信
The Richness and Comprehensive Power of 'Women Breaking Boundaries 21' - Reiko KOKATSU, 小勝禮子
WAN/Women Breaking Boundaries 21 Document - Megumi KITAHARA, 北原恵
Introducing the Participating Artists
The Audience's Comment
The 1st Women's Performance Art Project Osaka
Conversation; Looking Back at the Collaboration Project
Symposium 'Looking at Women's Art'
Artist Talk (Lim Desiree) - Desiree LIM
About the Women's Art Salon-Herstories on Pioneers in Art - Noriko TOKI, トキノリコ
Women Breaking Boundaries 21
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Women Breaking Boundaries 21

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