Photologue | 9th Asiatopia Performance Art Festival and Soft Launch of Bangkok Art and Culture Centre

8–11 Nov 2007

Asiatopia brought together performance artists who have played significant roles in the development of performance art practices in their respective countries. They shared their experiences on the development and the challenges of performance art movements in the two-day symposium from 9 to 10 November. The mission was to extract examples and cases to see the ‘way’, ‘why’ and ‘how’ Southeast Asia’s art community responds, participates, interacts and intervenes with performance art.

On the evenings of 9 and 10 November, participating artists performed at the Chiangmai University’s Art Center. On 11 November, some performed in a public venue around and in front of Chiangmai City Museum where a Sunday street fair took place.


Soft Launch of the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre
30 Nov 2007

The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) organized a soft launch of the new Bangkok Art and Culture Centre (BACC) at The Bangkok Art and Culture Centre’s front patio, Patumwan Junction. The event was marked as an affirmation of BMA’s role in the project and as an announcement to the public and the art community about the progress of the BACC. The Bangkok Governor re-affirmed that BACC would be finished and serve the public as a cultural infrastructure by February 2008. He also stated that a foundation had been established to manage the centre.

The BACC project was initiated by BMA in 1996, aiming to build a well-equipped art and cultural facility in the heart of Bangkok. For over ten years, there have been various obstructions and attempts to change the direction of the facility’s original function due to politics within the BMA administration during 2000 to 2004. Over these ten years, artists, designers, academics and cultural workers in Thailand have worked as a loose network to put forth a series of advocacy campaigns to promote public awareness and participation, as well as to pressure the BMA administrations to commit to the plan.




Sat, 1 Dec 2007

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