Photologue | A Research Trip to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

A trip to visit the art scene of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, was long overdue. The Research+ Department of AAA scout and network in places that don’t have a regular researcher in situ. We made the trip now because we were about to finish the first phase of Ray Langenbach’s project. Together with the International Institute of Social History (Amsterdam, Netherlands), AAA is supporting Malaysia-based artist Ray Langenbach in the re-mastering of his private collection of video documentation, spanning nearly twenty years of performance art in Southeast Asia. In light of the completion of producing the digital conversions of the material, I visited Langenbach, together with colleagues from the IISH, to transport a copy of the masters out of the country, and to discuss the progress of the project.

The five-day trip (26–30 May) was filled with visits to galleries, alternative spaces, artist-in-residencies, and individuals. This relatively small, yet robust, contemporary art scene can be mirrored by the newly founded blogging initiative, Arteri Malaysia, which focuses on art and culture in Malaysia and Southeast Asia. Serving both as an information portal and forum, Arteri proactively features and reviews current Malaysian and region-wide art practices, with a team of contributors from diverse backgrounds.



Phoebe WONG, 黃小燕

Wed, 1 Jul 2009
South East Asia Independent Art Spaces Photography Diaaalogue

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