Asia Art Archive and The Foundation for Indian Contemporary Art (FICA) collaborate on a four-day workshop on illustration as a tribute to artist, writer, and pedagogue K.G. Subramanyan. Conducted by AAA Publications Project Coordinator Lokesh Khodke, the workshop engages students, young artists, and researchers to think through the language of illustration.

The workshop takes Subramanyan’s deep engagement with illustrated books for children and adults as a starting point to explore the creative possibilities of illustration through hands-on exercises. Employing collage as method—used extensively by Subramanyan in his publications—participants are taken through its many uses and meanings.

A range of issues to be discussed in the workshop: notions of childhood, the dynamic between artist and illustrator, collage as concept and method, art and the viewing public, printing technologies, and processes of dissemination.


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The workshop is open to students, young artists, and researchers. To register, email FICA with the subject heading 'Registration for Illustration Workshop' at Send a 300-word statement on your interest in participating in the workshop; a CV with contact details; plus images of artworks (maximum 10 images, combined in a single PDF/Word file of no more than 10mb). Participants are required to carry laptops, preferably with Photoshop CS6 for Phase 2 of the workshop. Please note that there are no registration fees to participate in this workshop, however the seats are limited.

This is part of AAA’s Publications Project. Supported by Thapar Public Charitable Trust.


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