Asia Art Archive presents Knowledge Kitchen, a series of gatherings in which educators and artists collaborate to imagine alternative learning models. Running from April to June 2023, the programme consists of a six-hour gathering each month, held at artist studios, a museum, and an outlying island. Interactions will be nurtured through creative exercises, games, chats, dinners, and sharing sessions by guest artists.

Arts programming often transmits knowledge one way—e.g., artists unilaterally imparting their knowledge and experience to an audience. In this programme, AAA hopes to mediate between artists and educators, cultivating an open and equal environment for knowledge exchange. The programme leverages artists’ unique abilities to interpret the world, with educators’ intimate understanding of classroom settings. Together, they will broaden the horizons of arts education, stimulating diverse dialogues and creative ideas.

This programme is inspired by Gudskul’s collective models of learning as explored in our exhibition The Collective School. Gudskul believes knowledge exchange can emerge from simply being together, and advocates learning from one another to develop critical and experimental dialogues. As an extension of our previous Teacher Retreat programmes, AAA partners with Tang Kwok Hin, the founder of 1983, a collective gathering space for art professionals and thinkers, to jointly conceive a series of activities for educators and artists. Going beyond standard modes of work and life, this programme asks: How can educators and artists unleash their hidden potential to expand and respond to “sites” and “relationships” in the contexts of art and education? How can we imagine new futures by redefining the role of education and educators?

AAA supports participants interested in extending their experiences into self-organised collaborative projects after completion of the programme.  

Image: A drawing based on a Gudskul Collective Studies working mechanism, from the <i>Nongkrong Curricula</i>. Drawing by Rifandi Nugroho and Angga Wijaya.
Image: A drawing based on a Gudskul Collective Studies working mechanism, from the Nongkrong Curricula. Drawing by Rifandi Nugroho and Angga Wijaya.

Programme Time:
3–9pm (Dinner will be provided)

Session 1 Saturday, 22 April 2023 
Tang Kwok Hin: Before We Are Inspired

Session 2 Saturday, 20 May 2023
Luke Ching Chin Wai: Creating a Job

Session 3 Saturday, 10 June 2023
Anthony Leung Po Shan: Paradox of Island

The programme will be held in various locations. Participants will receive confirmed itineraries in early April.

The programme welcomes artists working in any medium and educators of all levels of experience to participate. We especially encourage applicants who are curious, open to interdisciplinary collaboration, and passionate about exploring collective practices of art-making and education to apply.


The programme is free and available for eight artists and eight educators.

Deadline for Application
Please complete the application form on or before Friday, 17 March 2023

A twenty-minute online interview will be arranged for each applicant, which will help us tailor the programme in accordance with the individual experiences of each participant. Priority will be given to applicants who are able to attend all three events. Results will be announced on or before Wednesday, 5 April 2023.

For enquiries, please contact Ms Carol Choi at or +852 2844 1121.


About the Artists

Luke Ching Chin Wai’s practice engages with marginalised communities, such as elderly labourers, and challenges complacency towards societal structures. He sees the artist as a shapeshifting outsider with the ability to disrupt societal order with small gestures. His work Undercover Worker enacted an alternative labour campaign that brought about the mandatory provision of seats for security guards, and was later shortlisted for The Visible Project’s Visible Award in 2019. Ching has exhibited at the Gwangju Biennale (2018) and the Liverpool International Photography Festival. In 2020, Ching held a solo exhibition, Glitch in the Matrix, at Para Site in Hong Kong. 

Tang Kwok Hin is a mixed-media artist. He is the founder of 1983, a space that blurs borders between people from Hong Kong and overseas. Tang’s artistic practice involves self-reflection and reflection with others, presenting hidden emotions, thoughts, and essential qualities of specific moments through a comprehensive perspective. He was the recipient of Hong Kong Contemporary Art Biennial’s Achievement Award in 2009, and received an Asian Cultural Council Grant in 2013. He received an MFA from the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2008.

Anthony Leung Po Shan is an art critic and member of Island Studies Network (Hong Kong). Her research interests include art ecology, city space, cultural politics, and art labour. She is published in the Hong Kong Economic JournalInMediaCity Magazine, and Ocula, among others, and contributes to various Chinese media platforms including LeapArt NewspaperArtouch, and Initium. Her latest publication, I Love Art Basel: On Art and Capital, was well received in Hong Kong and Taiwan. She is currently a member of the art critic collective Art Appraisal Club, and was formerly a member of Para Site Art Space, InMedia (Hong Kong), and Hong Kong Culture Monitor. Leung holds an MPhil and PhD from the Chinese University of Hong Kong and an MA in History of Art from Leeds University. She was awarded HKADC Artist of the Year in 2018.

This project has been developed by Carol Choi, Susanna Chung and Tang Kwok Hin.

The AAA Learning & Participation Programme is supported by the S. H. Ho Foundation Limited.