The Artist as Storyteller


Asia Art Archive and Art Promotion Office co-present the second of the Artist Talk Series for 2009-2010.

Konstantin Bessmertny is one of the most active Russian artists working in Asia today. He trained at the Institute of Fine Arts in the former Soviet Union for seven years and has detailed knowledge of a wide range of subjects including literature, music, history and politics. Never formulaic or predictable, Bessmertny uses his works as a means to explore and experiment with new ideas, finding inspiration in many unexpected places and creating work that continues to challenge preconceived notions. Bessmertny has exhibited internationally in numerous cities including London, New York, Lisbon, Madrid, Beijing, Hong Kong and Macau. In 2007 he was selected to represent Macau at the 52nd International Venice Biennale.

In his talk, Bessmertny will attempt to present an alternative view and narrative of the history of art using his unique biographical perspectives, beginning with his work as an artist in the former Soviet Union and continuing to the present day in Macau where he has been living for the past seventeen years. He will also introduce some of his works that incorporate elements of Russian Perestroika Sots art and Chinese Pop art.