As part of AAA’s twentieth anniversary, we are launching Life Lessons, a new series that enquires into models for education led by artists. We ask: What was the most influential lesson they learned in school? And how have they, in turn, passed on what they learned about forms of knowledge and care to their students or communities of learners?

Given the current health crisis, we are pushed to imagine new structures for education, community, and care. Scheduled for spring 2020 to spring 2021, Life Lessons is a series of online and offline conversations and workshops with artists, art collectives, and creative practitioners who teach at universities, build educational programmes at arts organisations, and run their own schools. Each session addresses their unique teaching methods.

This series is part of AAA’s ongoing research about the role of artistic pedagogy and art schools in the development of modern and contemporary art in Asia and beyond.

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Building Asia Art Archive, Part 4
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Building Asia Art Archive, Part 4

Susanna Chung and Samantha Kwok discuss bringing contemporary art into classrooms and caring for teachers with Zoom fatigue