Open Platform is an extension of Asia Art Archive’s endeavour to enable new thinking in the field. Following an open call, selected cultural practitioners used the Archive’s network to host meetings in AAA’s booth at Art Basel in Hong Kong. These ‘meetings without doors’ were places for the hosts to further their ongoing projects, catalyse new ones, or simply have opportunities to make connections.


Special Event

Wednesday 22 May

Artistic Labour: Winner Takes All | 6-7pm

Lecture Performance by Leung Poshan Anthony

Participating Hong Kong artists: ger ChoiChow Chun FaiChow Yiu Fai, Carmen Ho, Ho Sin Tung, Anson MakSamson Young
Special thanks: Wilson Shieh, Chui Pui Chee, Yan Buto, Trista Ma  



Wednesday 22 May

Mapping Asia | 3.30-5pm

Hosts: Claire Hsu, Editor, Field Notes, Asia Art Archive, Chantal Wong, Editor, Field Notes, Asia Art Archive 

Participants: Francisco Camacho, artist, Amsterdam, Chang Tsong-zung, curator, Guest Professor, China Academy of Art in Hangzhou, Director, Hanart TZ Dr Koon Yee Wan, Assistant Professor, School of Humanities, University of Hong Kong, Emily Rauhala, Associate Editor, Times for AsiaAaron Seeto, Director, 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art, Sydney, Robert Zhao, artist, Singapore  


Thursday 23 May

Collaboration as Method | 12-1.30pm

Host: Jane DeBevoise, Chair of Board of Directors, Asia Art Archive
Participants: Mimi Brown, Founder and Director, Spring Workshop, Hong Kong, Guan Yi, art collector, China, Robert Y C Ho, Chairman, The Robert H. N. Ho Family Foundation, Jean Miao, Operations Director, The Robert H. N. Ho Family Foundation, Dr Oei Hong Djien, Founder, OHD Museum, Indonesia, Yana Peel, Co-founder, Outset Contemporary Art Fund, Thomas Rohdewald, Director, The Yuz Foundation, Marissa Fung Shaw, Co-vice Chairman, Asian Cultural Council Hong Kong Friends’ Committee, Uli Sigg, Founder, The Sigg Collection, Tom Tandio, art collector, Jakarta, Budi Tek, Founder, The Yuz Foundation, Josephine Wai, Director, Hong Kong Asia Cultural Council  

Institutional Change in Post-2000 Asia | 2-3.30pm

Host: Menene Gras, Director of Culture and Exhibitions, Casa Asia, Spain

Participants: Joselina Cruz, Director, Museum of Contemporary Art & Design, Manila, Dr Jonathan Harris, Director of Research, Winchester School of Art and Director, Winchester for Global Futures in Art, Design & Media, University of Southampton, Hammad Nasar, Head of Research & Programmes, Asia Art Archive, Jinsuk Suh, Director, Loop, Seoul, David Teh, Lecturer, NUS, Director of FuturePerfect, Singapore, Philip Tinari, Director of UCCA, Beijing  

Writing Across Cultures | 4-5.30pm

Host: Keith Wallace, Editor-in-Chief, Yishu: Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art

Participants: Yu-Ling Chou, 2012 Yishu Award recipient, Carol Yinghua Lu, Executive Editor, Yishu, Chinese Version, Chia Chi Jason Wang, 2012 Yishu Award recipient, Christina Yu Yu, Assistant Curator of Chinese Art, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, USA  


Friday 24 May

A Generation: Cross-Cultural Connections | 12-1.30pm

Hosts: Zoë Marden, independent curator, Julia Marchand, independent curator 

Participants: Nadim Abbas, artist, Hong Kong, Simon Castets, independent curator, Co-Founder, 89plus, New York, Hans Ulrich Obrist, curator, critic, art historian, Co-Director, Serpentine Gallery, London, Pelin Tan, sociologist, art historian, Researcher, Institute of Social Sciences, Istanbul Technical University, Istanbul, Yeung Yang, independent curator, writer, university lecturer, Founder, Soundpocket, Hong Kong, Pauline J Yao, Curator, M+, Hong Kong  


Meet the Parents | 2-3.30pm

Hosts: Clara Cheung, Curator, C&G Artpartment, Hong Kong, Gum Cheng, Curator, C&G Artpartment, Hong Kong 

Participants: Tang Kwok Hin, artist, Hong Kong, Cheng Suk Yu, Tang Kwok Hin’s mother, Vangi Fong, artist, Hong Kong, Cheung Chun Lan, Vangi Fong’s mother  


Contemporary Reframing of Ink | 3.30-5pm

Host: Dr Britta Erickson, independent scholar and curator of contemporary Chinese art

Participants: Jane DeBevoise, Chair of Board of Directors, Asia Art Archive, Pi Li, Senior Curator, M+, Hong Kong, Shen Kuiyi, Director of Chinese Studies Program, University of California, San Diego, Craig L Yee, Founding Director of Ink Studio and Co-founding Managing Director of China Fine Art Management, Zheng Chongbin, artist, San Francisco and Shanghai   

Saturday 25 May

After-Words: Artist Research in the Economies of ‘Post-‘ | 12-1.30pm

Host: Elaine W Ho, Art/Activist-in-residence, Wooferten, Hong Kong

Participants: Nelson Cheung, Theorist/Translator, Zizek Society, Hong Kong Representatives from Autonomous 8A, Hong Kong, Lee Chun Fung, Core member, Wooferten, Hong Kong, Ying Liang, Artist in Residence, School of Film and Television, The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, Hong Kong, Yeung Yang, independent curator, writer, and university lecturer, and Founder, Soundpocket, Hong Kong  

Asian Art Worlds/Western Gatekeepers | 2-3.30pm

Host: Dr Jonathan Harris, Director of Research, Winchester School of Art and Director, Winchester for Global Futures in Art, Design & Media, University of Southampton

Participants: Thomas Berghuis, Lecturer, Department of Art History & Film Studies, University of Sydney, Patrick D Flores, Professor of Art History, Theory, and Criticism, University of the Philippines, Menene Gras, Director of Culture and Exhibitions, Casa Asia, Spain, Hammad Nasar, Head of Research & Programmes, Asia Art Archive, Adeline Ooi, curator, writer, Co-director, Rogue Art, Kuala Lumpur Alia Swastika, independent curator, Indonesia  

The Gallerist Programme | 4-5.30pm

Host: Ann Demeester, Director, De Appel Arts Centre, Amsterdam

Participants: Sarah Calodney, Fang Fang, Ada Kai-Ting Yang, Orsolya Hegedüs, Nuria Kehayoglu, Anna Laarits, Camilla Mozzato, Nathaniel Pitt, Maria Quiroga (current students), Anjali Grover, Head of Development, Asia Art Archive  


Sunday 26 May 

Comparative Contemporaries | 12-1.30pm

Host: Lee Weng Choy, art critic, former artistic co-director, The Substation Singapore

Participants: Sue Arcet, former editor of ArtAsiaPacific magazine, writer and art advisor, Hong Kong, Janet Chan, Head of Collection Development, Asia Art Archive, Louis Ho, art critic, Editor, Grey Projects, Singapore, Qinyi Lim, Curator, Para/Site Art Space, Hong Kong  

Art Ecology and Education | 2-3.30pm

Host: Ting Wing Yan Vivian, Assistant Professor, Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University 

Participants: Susanna Chung, Head of Learning and Participation, Asia Art Archive, John Batten, art critic, Hong Kong, May Fung, Consultant (Learning Quality), HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity  

Vernacular Art Education in Asia | 3.30-5pm

Host: Sophia McKinnon, art educator, Beijing  Participants: Li Qi, Manager, Education & Public Program Department, Ullens Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing, Stella Fong, Curator (Education), M+, Hong Kong, Bruce Ding, OCAT, Shenzhen, Susanna Chung, Head of Learning and Participation, Asia Art Archive  

Presented by Asia Art Archive
In conjunction with Art Basel
Supported by Elaine and Anto Marden
Design Partners: Art Lab and Milkxhake
Mapping Asia supported by Mondriaan Foundation