15 Invitations for 15 Years

A special programme series featuring exhibitions, projects, written works, performances, a blog, and set of e-dossiers marking Asia Art Archive's 15-year anniversary.


I am writing to invite you to participate in a hypothetical exhibition that I'm curating. Participation entails developing a proposal for a work that need not be physically realised, thus the format for submission is flexible and open to interpretation. Imagine yourself in a time and space other than the one you currently occupy and respond to this constructed context; you may locate yourself in another era and geographical location with a partially or fully fictional backdrop of social, political and historical events (not to say that all versions of historical accounts are not fiction) and without having to explain the imagined context directly you envision a work/project; an imaginary physical-manifestation in response to the imagined context that you may choose to express in text, sketches or any other format of your choice.

—Rashid Rana

Present Elsewhere is a long-term collaborative project by Lahore-based artist Rashid Rana that seeks to examine the limitations of occupying a present that is assumed to be singular by imagining the intersection of history and fiction. The first manifestation of the project takes place as part of Asia Art Archive's 15 Invitations programme series in the form of a download-and-printable e-dossier.


Leeza Ahmady
John Akomfrah
Brook Andrew
Iftikhar Dadi and Elizabeth Dadi
Wes Janz
Tim Lee
Nadia Kaabi-Linke
Justine Ludwig
Hammad Nasar
Carsten Nicolai
Motohiko Odani
Santiago Sierra
Brinda Somaya
Risham Syed
Hans Ulrich Obrist
Fred Wilson
Karen Tei Yamashita

Special thanks to Christy Chow, Ingrid Chu, Natasha Jozi, Holly Leung, and Hammad Nasar.

15 Invitations for 15 Years is supported by the S. H. Ho Foundation Limited, the C. K. & Kay Ho Foundation, and The Hong Kong Arts Development Council. The programme is part of the ADC 20th Anniversary Celebration Series. Special thanks to Hani Charaf, Kemistry Design.