Talk by AAA Resident Jane Pong

Jane Pong designs visualisation tools that help readers find patterns and stories within the data. She shared how her practice seeks new ways to communicate insights and knowledge through information design and various visual and interactive technologies.

During her residency, Pong experimented with data sourced from AAA’s readily available digital collection and online resources. Focusing on the history of exhibitions as a thread of inquiry, Pong created data visualisations to imagine how researchers might source and use this information in the future, with select findings being featured in the fourth issue of AAA’s e-journal, Field Notes.


Jane Pong was former graphics editor at South China Morning Post, where she specialised in producing data-related information graphics. With a background in both science and arts, and majors in chemistry, psychology, and linguistics, her work attempts to bring aesthetics to scientific rigor and form to artistic introspection.

Pong is also a co-organiser of Hacks/Hackers Hong Kong, the local chapter an international journalism organisation that brings together journalists and technologists who rethink the future of news and information. For more details on Pong’s work:

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Publics, Histories, Value: The Changing Stakes of Exhibitions

Publics, Histories, Value: The Changing Stakes of Exhibitions

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AAA's Collection: Exhibition Catalogues and Monographs

AAA's Collection: Exhibition Catalogues and Monographs

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Artist-in-Residence | Jane Pong
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Artist-in-Residence | Jane Pong

May–Aug 2014