Molla Nasreddin: Embrace Your Antithesis

Lecture performance by Berlin-based collective Slavs and Tatars.

A lecture performance derived from Molla Nasreddin, the Azerbaijani satirical weekly 'that would've, could've, should've'—a significant 20th century Muslim periodical. Slavs and Tatars address the idea of the anti-modern, self-censorship, and modernity in the Caucasus.

Molla Nasreddin: Embrace Your Antithesis has been presented at the Serpentine Gallery, London; Kunstverein Münich; Swiss Institute, New York; UCLA; and New York University, Abu Dhabi’s The Institute, among others.

Slavs and Tatars is a faction of polemics and intimacies devoted to an area east of the former Berlin Wall and west of the Great Wall of China known as Eurasia. The collective's work spans several media, disciplines, and a broad spectrum of cultural registers (high and low). The collective's practice consists primarily of three activities: exhibitions, publications, and lecture-performances. 

Note: Due to heavy traffic in the Aberdeen Tunnel, please leave extra time to come to Spring Workshop via Kennedy Town/Pok Fu Lam.

Presented by Asia Art Archive and hosted by Spring Workshop.

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