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Performance art festivals have been widespread throughout Asia since the 1990s. Borrowing from the model of the renowned Nippon International Performance Art Festival (NIPAF, established 1993), a range of festivals has emerges and there are more than 15 annual or biennial performance art festivals taking place in the region. Responding to the vast expansion of the performance art scene in Asia, the Action Script symposium addresses issues such as the festival as a vehicle for promoting the art form , the medium as a means of social and politcal intervention and community interaction, and the challenges ingerent in documenting and archiving this dynamic and ephemeral field, among other topics. Action Script has invited the artists/festival organisers to give presentaitons on the state of performance art in their countries and to look to the future of performance art in Asia in the next decade.


Future Performance Art in Myanmar
Aye Ko, New Zero Art Space, Myanmar

Say Goodbye to the Future, There is no Tomorrow
Lee Wen, artist, Singapore

Performance Art by All
Mok Chiu Yu, Centre for Community Cultural Development (CCCD) and Asian People's Theatre Festival Society, Hong Kong & Yuenjie, artists, Hong Kong

Know your Identity, Know your History, Know your Self. 
No Identity, No History, No Self
Yuan Mor'O Ocampo, Philippine International Performance Art Festival (PIPAF), Balay na Santiago Museum, Philippines

NIPAF, its Future
Seiji Shimoda, Nippon International Performance Art Festival, Thailand

As if Asia + Topia Was just a Thought
Chumpon Apisuk, Asiatopia International Performance Art Festival, Thailand

Why do we do Live Art in China?
Shu Yang, Dadao Live Art Foundation, mainland China

TIPAF as a Platform for Liberation of the Arts
Wang Molin, Body Phase Studio, Taiwan


Key topics for group discussions:

  • Guerrilla vs. Institution: strategies for promoting performance/live art practives 
  • Performance as Resistance or Reinforcement: the complexity of performance art in social activism
  • The Performace of Art: developing performance art as a professional art practice
  • Performance Art as a reflection of contemporary culture and social history
  • Festival Players: the limitation and diversity of performative practice

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Action Script: Symposium on Performance Art Practice and Documentation in Asia

Action Script: Symposium on Performance Art Practice and Documentation in Asia

Thu–Mon, 21–25 Oct 2010

Action Script: Round-table Seminars
Action Script: Round-table Seminars

Action Script: Round-table Seminars

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