The archival process, and indeed, the archive itself, can often seem mysterious to newcomers. How does it function? What does it remember? Can the materials in the archive enhance our understanding of art history and the world? In this new series, AAA invites two emerging artist-educators—Jocelin Kee and Vivian Wong Wing Lam—to design a set of workshops connecting students to the documentation and preservation of Hong Kong art history. The workshops aim to give students a hands-on opportunity to access the diverse range of primary source materials available at AAA, and to creatively communicate the role it can play in a student’s life.

This workshop series coincides with Another Day in Hong Kong, AAA’s current exhibition that sets out to reappraise a day in the past through an art historical lens. Students will be surrounded by examples of archival material in action, and be inspired to reconsider their own engagement with creative research.

The workshops are free of charge for secondary school groups (from eight to twenty students). Registration is available on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Workshops held from 22 April to 13 July 2024 open for registration on 22 April 2024 at 11am HKT. 
Workshops held from 9 September to 20 December 2024 open for registration on 27 August 2024 at 11am HKT. 
Please fill out the application here to register. Confirmation will be sent via email within five business days. 

For inquiries, please contact Jocelin Kee at or 2844 1112 (Ext. 150). 


Image: Illustrations by Stella Wu, 2024.
Image: Illustrations by Stella Wu, 2024.


Archive Dot Com
Facilitated by Jocelin Kee 
Language: English

How do we preserve a moment in time? How can we keep the memory of something dear alive? Drawing from the ethos of the Web Revival Movement, this two-session workshop asks students to consider the necessity and fallibility of digitisation. Together with our archivists, students will learn the various methods involved in digitising AAA’s primary source materials. Techniques will be applied towards the goal of creating an archive hosted on a website of their own. Ultimately, the workshop will explore the role of technology in documentation, and creativity in preservation.


The story that I haven't told
Facilitated by Vivian Wong Wing Lam 
Language: Cantonese and English 

The workshop, divided into two sessions, investigate the concepts of memory and amnesia within the context of archival materials and personal narratives. By reflecting on their lived experiences, engaging in creative exercises, and delving into archive artworks and materials, participants explore the possibilities of using art to communicate what the archives can and cannot remember. The workshop will guide students to pay attention to research materials found in everyday life, as well as provide them with tools to critically evaluate the creative thinking process.


Jocelin Kee is an illustrator and educator based in Hong Kong. She is interested in questions of queerness, storytelling, and the joy found in the mundane. She holds a BA in Illustration and Visual Media from University of Arts London, and an MA in Art History from the University of Hong Kong.

Vivian Wong Wing Lam is a body-centred mixed media artist based in Hong Kong. Through performance, dance, and lens-based creation, Wong explores the interlocking relations between the body, collective experience, and the ethics of power. She is interested in topics of personal image in cultural representation, distance and space in human relationships, and the dysfluency of modern society. She holds a BA in Comparative Literature and Hong Kong Studies from the University of Hong Kong.


The AAA Learning & Participation Programme is generously supported by the S. H. Ho Foundation Limited.