Using the Archive is an online programme for both new and returning AAA users on how to use the Archive’s resources. It offers a guide to our acquisitions processes, as well as a walkthrough of some of the features and search tools for our Collections.

AAA has been collecting primary and secondary materials surrounding recent art in Asia since 2000. Thanks to the collective effort of generous artists and art professionals across the world, our growing Research and Library Collections now contain over 100,000 records, ranging from publications and ephemera to correspondence, photographic documentation, and video recordings. Much of this collection has now been digitised, making these valuable resources accessible free-of-charge to users worldwide. To facilitate access and improve user experience, AAA is also constantly updating features on our digital platform—our current website, launched in 2017, contains research tools such as AAA Keywords, an interactive Event Database, and more.

This workshop begins with an overview of the Collections and how it has been developed, followed by a session on how to access and make use of the digital platform and our research materials. Francesca Dal Lago Archive and the Womanifesto Archive will be used as case studies. The last half hour of the workshop will be dedicated to addressing participants’ questions and helping them identify appropriate resources for particular research interests.

English Workshop | Thu, 19 Nov 2020, 7−8:30pm HKT
Cantonese Workshop | Sat, 21 Nov 2020, 11am−12:30pm HKT

Speaker: Elaine Lin, AAA Head of Collections
Moderator: Susanna Chung, AAA Programmes Manager and Head of Learning & Participation

Relevant content

Francesca Dal Lago Archive 茀蘭檔案

Francesca Dal Lago Archive 茀蘭檔案