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'Hundred Years: From the NGMA Collection' was curated by Geeta Kapur in 1994 at the National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi. The exhibition, with 300 artworks on view, opened in two phases. The first phase, titled 'Re-View,'opened in February 1994 in the upper galleries of Jaipur House and focused on the period between 1930-1993. The second phase, which opened on the ground floor in July 1994, covered the complete span of one hundred years.

In the curator's working notes for the exhibition from July 1994, Geeta Kapur writes:

'Nothing serves the cause of investigation better than a point of view for seeing, refocusing, finding alternate perspectives. That is why even if it were possible, it would not be useful to present a conclusive exhibition. A great part of the history of modern art in India not having been written — yet— what we can do best of all is to re-place and sometimes also dis-place the images and their attendant signs and meanings. Thus one begins to make out from the unmade meanings a historical argument. Which is the form of history I, at any rate, would privilege.'

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Oct 1994

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The India Magazine of her people and culture, Oct 1994, Issue October 1994, pp. 32–39

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