Co-edited by Norma Broude and Mary Garrard. "A sequel to the pioneering volume, Feminism and Art History, published in 1982, The Expanding Discourse contains twenty-nine essays on artists and issues from the Renaissance to the present representing some of the best feminist art-historical writing of recent feminist scholarship. There are 290 illustrations integrated with the text, notes and bibliographic references at the end of each essay, and an explanatory and interpretative introduction by the editors." - Abstract.
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Introduction: The Expanding Discourse
Virgin's One Bare Breast: Nudity, Gender, and Religious Meaning in Tuscan Early Renaissance Culture
Women in Frames: The Gaze, the Eye, the Profile in Renaissance Portraiture
Leonardo da Vinci: Female Portraits, Female Nature
Taming of the Blue: Writing Out Color in Renaissance Theory
Botticelli's Primavera: A Lesson for the Bride
Titian's Sacred and Profane Love and Marriage
The Loggia dei Lanzi: A Showcase of Female Subjugation
Erotics of Absolutism: Rubens and the Mystification of Sexual Violence
Muted Other: Gender and Morality in Augustan Rome and Eighteenth-Century Europe
Secluded Vision: Images of Feminine Experience in Nineteenth-Century Europe
'Disagreeably Hidden': Construction and Constriction of the Lesbian Body in Rosa Bonheur's Horse Fair
'L'Art Feminin': Formation of a Critical Category in Late Nineteeth-Century France
Morisot's Wet Nurse: Construction of Work and Leisure in Impressionist Painting
Modernity and the Spaces of Femininity
Edgar Degas and French Feminism, ca. 1880: 'The Young Spartans,' the Brothel Monotypes, and the Bathers Revisited
Renoir and the Natural Women
Going Native: Paul Gauguin and the Invention of Primitivist Modernism
Gauguin's Tahitian Body
The MoMA's Hot Mamas
Constructing Myths and Ideologies in Matisse's Odalisques
Ladies Shot and Painted: Female Embodiment in Surrealist Art
Culture, Politics, and Identity in the Paintings of Frida Kahlo
Egalitarian Vision, Gendered Experience: Women Prinmakers and the WPA/FAP Graphic Arts Project
Lee Krasner as L.K.
Georgia O'Keefe and Feminism: A Problem of Position
Judy Chicago's Dinner Party: A Personal Vision of Women's History
Race Riots. Cocktail Parties. Black Panthers. Moon Shots and Feminists: Faith Ringgold's Observations on the 1960s in America
Afrofemcentrism and Its Fruition in the Art of Elizabeth Catlett and Faith Ringgold
Discourse of Others: Feminists and Postmodernism
The Expanding Discourse: Feminism and Art History
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The Expanding Discourse: Feminism and Art History

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