Due to unforeseen circumstances Paul Butler is unable to travel to Hong Kong. His residency will be postponed to a later date and announced in due time.

Asia Art Archive welcomes Paul Butler as our artist-in-residence.

For his residency, Butler interacts with the Ha Bik Chuen Archive by staging The Collage Party, a series of social gatherings where participants create art as a community. Ha Bik Chuen, a self-taught Hong Kong artist, informed his practice by collecting printed material from different places and languages for the construction of book collages. Butler’s nomadic studio project facilitates creative collaboration between disparate people, which resonates with The Ha Bik Chuen Archive Project in opening new possibilities of activating and circulating materials through collaborative efforts. The Collage Party has been staged across North America and Europe in museums, public schools, universities, hospitals, department stores, and community centres. This residency is the first time to be staged in Asia, and in the setting of an archive.

Paul Butler is an artist from Winnipeg, Canada. For over 20 years, Butler’s artistic practice has employed the logic of collage by forming creative collaboration between individuals and communities. Butler has exhibited at venues including the Art Gallery of Ontario; the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles; White Columns, New York; Creative Growth Art Center, Oakland; and La Maison Rouge, Paris. He directed The Other Gallery, a nomadic commercial gallery; lead Reverse Pedagogy, an experimental residency at the Banff Centre; and served as Curator of Contemporary Art at the Winnipeg Art Gallery. Butler has also written for The Life and Times of William Callahan and Decentre: Concerning Artist-run Culture, as well as Border Crossings and Canadian Art.

Butler’s residency is part of The Ha Bik Chuen Archive Project (2016–2019), generously supported by the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, with addional support from Winnepeg Arts Council.

Residencies and fellowships under the The Ha Bik Chuen Archive Project aim to catalyse new ideas and knowledge by opening up, activating, and circulating materials from the Ha Bik Chuen Archive. Practitioners in artistic production, exhibition-making, and curatorial and art historical research are welcomed to apply. For more details, please email research@aaa.org.hk.

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